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Book Club Discussion: Creating Self Regulated Learners: : Strategies to Strengthen Students’ Self-Awareness and Learning Skills, by Linda Nilson

11am, Mar 12, 2018, DE 1017
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Deep, lasting, independent learning requires learners to bring into play a range of cognitive skills, affective attitudes, and even physical activities, and self-regulation can be developed by just about anyone and is a fundamental prerequisite of academic success. In this book, Nilson provides the theoretical background for a discussion about your learning process and professional development.

Assessment 101

11:30am-1pm, Mar. 20, 2018, DE 1017
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Presented by Allison Kalmykov, Student Affairs' assessment & research coordinator.

Trauma-Informed Student Affairs: Guide for Non-Therapists

11-12:30pm, Mar. 26, 2018, FSC 2009 (Saffo)
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Participate in discussion to learn about best practices for engaging in empathic dialogue with those who have experienced trauma. Open to all SA staff. Facilitated by staff psychologist Leia Charnin & Ryane Miller, CARE's lead victim advocate.

Going Beyond the Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

12ppm, Apr. 10, 2018, FSC 2009 (Saffo)
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Learn with Joy Wade, program manager of Going Beyond the Pink, about signs of breast cancer, prevention, and community support for those who have experienced any etiology of cancer. This will be an interactive and energetic learning experience open to all SA staff.

Presenting Assessment Data: Creating Effective Data Visualization

11:30am-1pm, Apr. 19, 2018, DE 1017
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Allison Kalmykov, Student Affairs' assessment & research coordinator, will demonstrate how to present your assessment findings in visually appealing, easily digestible format.

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