Division of Student Affairs

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Hawk Topics

Iowa Grow
November 14, 2017
12:00-1:00 PM, Azalea Coast Room B, Fisher University Union
Presented by Stefanie Norris & Stephanie Ganser
Please register here by November 13

Assessment Workshops

Data Visualization and Reporting Data
December 11, 2017
10:00-11:30 PM,  DePaolo Hall Conference Room, 1017
Presented by Allison Smith
Please register here by December 7

Once you have your assessment results, do you know how to communicate them effectively? In this workshop, we will discuss techniques for reporting assessment results and data visualization.  This presentation will cover tips and resources to help you communicate your results effectively, including an introduction to using infographics and other data visualization. 

Social Opportunities

Fall semester – Thursday’s - 5:00-6:30pm. 

Opportunities from Human Resources

LEAD Opportunities
DEVELOP Opportunities
RECOGNIZE Opportunities

Inclusion and Diversity: Learning and Development Opportunities
Software Training: Facilitated by UNCW ITS
Volunteer Opportunities: Facilitated by OSLE
Harassment Prevention Training
New Employee Coffee Hour Giving Flight Certificate (new employees)