Division of Student Affairs

Parent's Mini-Grant

The Vice Chancellor's office has solicited funds from the parents of UNCW students for the purpose of supporting and enhancing student program and services. The purpose of these funds is to enhance existing projects as well as assist in the financing of new ones.


  1. The primary pre-requisite for consideration is evidence of direct benefit for UNCW students.
  2. Be specific about the number of students benefiting.
  3. Include an itemized budget.

• Examples of appropriate requests:

  • Training
  • Certification
  • Cost of travel or registration
  • Educational materials provided to students

• Examples of inappropriate requests:

  • Cost of marketing
  • T-shirts
  • Clean-up
  • Technical services
  • Payment to non-students

Process for Requesting a Parent Mini-Grant

  1. Complete the electronic "Mini-Grant Request" survey.
  2. The request is forwarded to the Parent Mini-Grant Committee for review.
  3. The committee makes a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor.
  4. The Vice Chancellor reviews the committee recommendation for approval.
  5. The Vice Chancellor's office notifies the contact person of the decision.
  6. Please allow 3-4 weeks for review and processing.

Requests that are specific in purpose and detailed concerning the budget may help expedite the process.