Division of Student Affairs

Diversity Committee

Mission statement

The Student Affairs Diversity Committee, appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs in October 2006, is dedicated to making an impact on the campus community through education, engaging in opportunities to further knowledge, and facilitate conversations with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

We offer programs and developmental opportunities for staff development and education.

The following are the ground rules we review before every event and workshop.  Please feel free to adapt them for your use.

Ground Rules

1.   What’s said here, stays here. What’s LEARNED here, LEAVES here.

2.   Name stereotype experiences. (Whether you personally stereotyped, or you felt stereotyping behavior was occurring.)

3.   Recognize whose voices are being heard. Move up, move back to allow people to participate at their comfort.

4.   Assume good intent and be accountable if someone gets hurt.

5.   Own your perspective. Use “I” statements versus “you”, “they”, “we”, etc.

6.   Other ground rules?  Allow participants to create rules for the group