Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning


Paul Cole

Paul Cole, MS
(910) 962-7512

The Director of Student Affairs Assessment, Research, and Planning is responsible for coordinating all Division assessment initiatives and supporting all Division strategic planning and accreditation compliance efforts. Providing leadership, coordination and expertise in designing, implementing, and interpreting assessment projects related to student development, learning outcomes, and educational programming/services and measuring how these initiatives impact student success and retention. Providing expertise on the types of assessments that will be most effective, as well as guidance on designing instruments, sampling, data analysis, and reporting. In addition, this position is responsible for coordinating the annual reporting and strategic planning process for the Division of Student Affairs.


Nick Rupp

Research Analyst
Nick Rupp
(910) 962-3065

The Research Coordinator assists the Director and other departments with various assessment activities, including instrument design, data analysis, and report writing. This role also conducts various trainings regarding assessment topics.

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Graduate Assistant

The Graduate Assistant assists in statistical analysis of departmental, divisional, and university assessment data and report writing. Student Voice support for the Division (when needed). Conducts assessment workshops and focus groups as needed. Assists with presentations and publications as needed.