Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee is charged with communicating empirically-based findings to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in ways that empower informed decision-making.

Other charges include:

  • Working through the process of transitioning from a summative, evaluative understanding of assessment (student satisfaction surveys, value of service delivery surveys, etc.) to one grounded in a richer understanding of student learning.
  • Developing a common assessment lexicon reflecting an outcomes-based approach to assessment.
  • Marketing these ideas to all campus constituents (chancellor, provost, faculty, directors, and ultimately students).

Each year, the Assessment Committee for the Division of Student Affairs examines critical issues facing the Division and the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The committee seeks to address these issues broadly, through dialogue and discourse to determine the best course of action for assessment related activities. Committee members are assigned projects within their respective departments as a means to communicate the issues across the division.

Special projects include:

  • Divisional Learning Outcomes
  • Divisional Strategic Plan - departmental objectives
  • Templates for assessment projects
  • Communication of assessment results
  • Analysis of special data
  • Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes Maps


The Student Affairs Assessment Committee consists of student affairs practitioners at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Membership spans functional areas within the Division for Student Affairs including the University Union, Crossroads, Disability Resource Center, Dean of Students, etc.

Assessment Committee members include:

  • Dr. Andrew Hester,  Director of SA Assessment, Research & Planning - Chair
  • Ms. Allison Kalmykov, Assessment and Research Coordinator - Vice Chair
  • Ms. Jen Adler, Director of CARE
  • Dr. Candice Johnston, Associate Dean of Students
  • Dr. Jon Kapell, Director of Campus Activities & Involvement
  • Ms. Leigh Lane, Associate Director of Crossroads
  • Mr. Tim Lewis, Associate Director of Campus Recreation
  • Ms. Christina Logan, Director of Transition Programs
  • Dr. Mark Perez-Lopez, Director of Counseling Center and Testing Services
  • Ms. Nadirah Pippen Associate Director of Career Center
  • Ms. Amber Resetar, Director of Title IX & Clery Compliance
  • Dr. Jaime Russell, Director, Office of Student Leadership & Engagement
  • Dr. Chris Stone, Director, Disability Resource Center
  • Mr. Keith Wickliffe, Associate Director of Residence Life, Housing & Residence Life
  • Mr. Will Wilkinson, Director, University Learning Center and Writing Services Program Coordinator