Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning

clocktower aerial view


Have you ever wondered how decision-makers make the decisions that they do? Why certain student experiences facilitate learning more than others? Why we ask students to take surveys?

The purpose of the Office of Student Affairs Assessment, Research and Planning is to understand how the Division of Student Affairs at UNCW facilitates student learning and to provide ongoing assessment support for departments within student affairs. To this end, the office is committed to assessing student learning and those institutional conditions, student experiences and psychological processes that influence its development. Included within this commitment are activities designed to provide continued support for departmental formative assessments, including trafficking, satisfaction, benchmarking and other projects necessary for annual reporting.

Another purpose of the office is to address many of the institutional and divisional challenges facing the transition from understanding assessment as evaluative based on student opinions and attitudes (student satisfaction surveys, value of service delivery surveys, etc.) to one grounded in a richer understanding of student learning, how to position this learning using language reflecting an outcomes-based approach to assessment, and how to market this new understanding to all campus constituents.