Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can request an assessment instrument or analysis?

Employees within the Division of Student Affairs can request consultations regarding the design and development of assessment instruments, as well as descriptive and inferential statistical analyses.

2. How do I make a request?

Send an email request to or call extension 2-7512.

3. How confidential are the assessment results?

All assessment analysis reports and data generated by the Office of Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning remain confidential until the originating department director releases the information to the public. Until that time, reports and data will only be available to the director of the originating department, Student Affairs Assessment, Research & Planning staff and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

4. How will I collect the information that I need from the students?

There are multiple ways to collect information from UNCW students, including web-based assessments, Ipods, paper-based assessments, focus groups, interviews, and observations, all of which can be utilized by Student Affairs' staff members as means of assessment.

5. Do you have any internship opportunities?

Yes, internship opportunities are available.