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Starting on September 15, 2021, eRA will begin a phased approach for requiring the use of two-factor authentication for user accounts. Anyone with a scientific account (those who serve as PI/PD on a project, trainees, sponsors and delegations of PIs, as well as students, postdocs, scientists, and project personnel) needs to create this Login.gov account ASAP. This Login.gov account will be used in lieu of your eRA account username and password to access eRA modules (eRA Commons, Commons Mobile, ASSIST, and Internet Assisted Review). Those with scientific accounts are in the first phase of the two-factor authentication switch. In later phases, reviewers and partner agencies/recipients along with those with administrative accounts will have to create Login.gov accounts, as well. Please see the link below for more information on the different phases and corresponding timelines.

Additionally, Login.gov enhances the security of sensitive information that is stored in eRA modules by providing two-factor authentication. Login.gov also allows users to sign into various government agency systems with a single set of credentials. Login.gov can also be used to access Grants.gov, the System for Award Management (SAM.gov), as well as MyNCBI, SciENcv, and myBibliography

Please use the registration link below and follow the steps to create a Login.gov account as soon as possible to ensure compliance.

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NIH along with other federal sponsors are encouraging and/or requiring ORCID ID’s to be linked for all personnel. Please pay close attention to future proposal solicitations and we encourage each faculty to set up an ORCID account.

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ORCID Information Link

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