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Research Integrity

Our mission in the Research Integrity Office (RIO) is to help create a culture of integrity and compliance throughout UNCW’s research initiatives. Are you planning an activity that involves human or animal research subjects?  Are you traveling or shipping an item outside the US, or collaborating with a foreign national?  Are you funded by NSF, NIH or another PHS Agency?  If you responded “Yes,” the Research Integrity team is here to help you remain in compliance with important federal regulations and university policies.

NOTICE:  RIO Staff are Working Remotely

RIO staff are continuing to work remotely but can assist you as usual with all research integrity programs.  We look forward to helping you with your research endeavors!

Our email addresses, phone numbers and campus mail box (#5973) remain the same.

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Research Using Human Subjects

Surveys, focus groups, interviews, experiments, and some observations on human subjects for the purpose of creating generalizable knowledge requires approval by the UNCW Institutional Review Board.  Questions?  See the Institutional Review Board website or email IRB@uncw.edu.

Research or Teaching Activities Using Live, Vertebrate Animals

UNCW has assured the US government that we will conduct research using live, vertebrate animals with the highest ethical and care standards through the UNCW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.  Questions?  See the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee website or email IACUC@uncw.edu.

Conflict of Interest

Federal requirements for conflict of interest reporting have increased through the years, and UNCW is committed to ensuring transparency in all of its teaching and research operations.  Annual COI disclosures are due each September.  Project-specific disclosures are also now due for all funded projects.  Questions? See the Conflict of Interest website or email COI@uncw.edu.

Export Control Compliance

Activities that can trigger export regulations include hosting or employing foreign nationals, transmitting controlled technology to foreign nationals, visiting foreign locations, or shipping materials outside the US.  Questions?  See the Export Control website or email ExportControls@uncw.edu.

Foreign Influence in Research

UNCW values and encourages collaborations of all kinds, including with non-US colleagues, and recognizes how these experiences enrich research and teaching activities. UNCW researchers should remain vigilant in reporting relationships and activities that have the potential to impact their ability to conduct research in a manner consistent with UNCW values of ethics and integrity. Several federal agencies have raised concerns about foreign interference in US research, and have indicated that failure to disclose foreign relationships and activities may jeopardize eligibility for future funding.  Find out more about what what you can do to protect UNCW against foreign influence in research on RIO's new Foreign Influence webpage.

Responsible Conduct of Research

This is a required training program for investigators employed on research projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Questions?  See the Responsible Conduct of Research website or email RCR@uncw.edu.

Data Privacy

Research on personally identifiable information (PII), whether it is protected health information obtained from a covered entity or other research data that must be maintained in a secure manner, may be subject to additional privacy protections and data security plans.  UNCW has new guidance materials and compliance committees in place to evaluate these projects and review data security plans.  Questions?  Please contact Lee Prete at 910-962-7774 or pretel@uncw.edu or Kristin Robeson at robesonk@uncw.edu.