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The primary emphasis of the Research Momentum Funds (RMF) is to increase sponsored research at UNCW by providing targeted proposal development support. RMF recipients must submit a proposal for external funding within a year of being funded.

An excellent opportunity for individuals or teams who have a well-developed project idea and expect to submit a proposal for external funding with the results from the Research Momentum Funds. RMF is specifically structured to let the faculty buy their time but can also be used for seed money to conduct preliminary research or related activities that will lead to a proposal for external funding, including:  Specifically, RMF will support work on activities that will lead to a proposal for external funding, including, but not limited to

  • Replacement salary for course buyouts (requires Chair/Dean permission)
  • Limited summer effort
  • Student effort (hire undergraduate or graduate research assistants)
  • Initial planning meetings
  • Activities necessary for proposal development (e.g., data collection, literature review, or pilot studies)
  • Travel to meet other collaborators not at UNCW
  • Final drafting of a written proposal

Funding for this program should not exceed $5000 per proposal. While these funds can be used in a variety of ways the replacement salary for course buy-out is strongly recommended use of the funds as it will free the additional time needed to develop and write a competitive grant proposal. Generally, this program does not provide funding for conference travel, computer equipment, and general office expenses.

A mentor supplement of $500 was created to recognize and reward research leadership, as a stipend for an experienced faculty member who agrees to support the proposal development activities.  Mentoring activities may vary, but should include assistance with budget development, and one or more reviews of proposal drafts prior to submission.

The project duration is limited to the funded fiscal year and PI’s may only receive one Research Momentum Funds award every 2 years. RMF are supported with state appropriated funding and must follow state appropriated spending deadlines and requirements. 

Momentum FAQs

  • Would it be possible to see examples of accepted proposals?

    Unfortunately, there are no examples of accepted proposals, but you are encouraged to reach out to previous Momentum awardees from your department.

  • What am I supposed to include in the "Intended Funding Source" section of the application?

    This fund provides support for proposal development and has been established to give faculty the means (ex. travel or data collection) and/or the time (ex. course buy-out) to develop an external sponsored proposal within a 12-month period. The question related to 'Intended Funding Source' prompts faculty to indicate the external funding source(s) they intend to submit final proposals too.

  • Are there any restrictions regarding when the funds need to be spent?

    Projects budget and travel period will need to be completed (or at least all expenses paid out) by the end of the fiscal year (May 15th, 20XX) and/or follow UNCW year end guidelines for expenditures. Please reference https://uncw.edu/controller/year-enddeadlines for any updated information.  Please work with SPARC personnel if there are concerns about timing of expenditures.

  • Can you clarify the project duration of at most one year?
    Project Period: Project activities may occur during the funded fiscal year, (July 1 through June 30) but be advised, RMF are supported with State Appropriated funding and must follow State Appropriated spending deadlines and requirements. A proposal for an externally sponsored project will need to be submitted within 12-18 months of receipt of an RMF award.
    Budget and Travel Period: All travel and expenses must be completed by May 15th of the funded fiscal year, and/or follow university year end deadlines, whichever comes first. 
  • Is there a deliverable required of this award?
    Yes, a proposal for external funding must be submitted within 12 - 18 months of being funded and a 1-page report submitted to SPARC, detailing the results of the proposal development efforts. A final submission confirmation is required at the end of the project.
  • How is RMF funded?
    RMF is funded with State Appropriated Funds. If you have questions, your departmental business officer or SPARC representative can assist.
  • As a visiting/adjunct faculty member, am I eligible to submit a proposal to Research Momentum internal funding opportunity?
    Answer: The goal of the Research Momentum funding is to create an opportunity for Principle Investigators (PIs) to develop proposals to be submitted for external funding. The university must ensure individuals serving as PIs on externally sponsored programs are highly-qualified individuals with the technical competence and administrative capability to oversee a sponsored project. While there are many highly qualified individuals serving the role of visiting and adjunct faculty, they are limited in their administrative capability to oversea the project, and as such, the university limits the automatic eligibility of Lead Principal Investigators (PIs) to all full-time EHRA faculty.

    FOR RMF proposals - While you are able to participate in this program as a collaborating investigator, you will not be eligible to serve as a Principle Investigator. There are no exceptions. If you are interested in applying, we recommend collaboration with a full-time EHRA faculty member.

    FOR SUBSEQUENT EXTERNAL proposals - If you are considering applying, we recommend you first reach out to your department chair and discuss your project to determine the feasibility of obtaining a 'limited' PI status. Consider also that for any subsequent externally sponsored proposal where the adjunct or visiting faculty member has been granted a 'limited' PI status - the department Chair and Dean, would need to accept responsibility for completing the award requirements in case the visiting or adjunct faculty member leaves the university before the end of the award period of performance. Also, prior to submission of an externally sponsored proposal, the department chair, dean/director/vice chancellor, and the Associate Provost for Research and Innovation (APRI) would need to approve the 'limited' PI status.


Momentum Funds Administrator

Patty Fox
Email: foxp@uncw.edu
Phone: 910-962-2131