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Research Momentum Funds

The primary emphasis of the Research Momentum Funds (RMF) is to increase sponsored research at UNCW by providing targeted proposal development support. RMF recipients must submit a proposal for external funding within a year of being funded.

An excellent opportunity for individuals or teams who have a well-developed project idea and expect to submit a proposal for external funding with the results from the Research Momentum Funds. Specifically, RMF will support work on activities that will lead to a proposal for external funding, including, but not limited to

  • initial planning meetings
  • activities necessary for proposal development (e.g., data collection, literature review, or pilot studies)
  • travel to meet other collaborators not at UNCW
  • final drafting of a written proposal.

Funding for this program should not exceed $5000 per proposal. These funds can be used in a variety of ways including for a course buy-out to have additional time for proposal development (requires Chair/Dean permission), summer salary, hire undergraduate or graduate research assistants.

To recognize and reward research leadership, an optional award supplement of $500 is available as a stipend for an experienced faculty member who agrees to support the proposal development activities.  Mentoring activities may vary, but should include assistance with budget development, and one or more reviews of proposal drafts prior to submission.

Generally, this program does not provide funding for conference travel, computer equipment, and general office expenses. 

The duration of the project is limited to one year and PI’s may only receive one Research Momentum Funds award every 2 years.

The current Momentum Application period is closed.

Momentum FAQs