SOCON Poster

Project Team

Principle Investigator:

  • John M. Morrison; University of North Carolina Wilmington
    • Role: Team Leader; Project Manage & Science Lead

HawkEye Ocean Color Sensor Development Team Collaborators:

  • Alan Holmes; Cloudland Instruments.
    • Role: Team Lead; Sensor Design and Characterization
  • Andy Vick; UK Astronomy Technology Center (ATC)
    • Role: Sensor Design and Construction
  • Gene Feldman; Ocean Color Program, NASA/GSFC/OCP
    • Role: Data Collection, Processing and Algorithm Development
  • Bryan Franz; Ocean Biology Processing Group, NASA/GSFC/OBPG
    • Role: Algorithm development and atmospheric correction
  • Gerhard Meister; Ocean Ecology Lab, NASA/GSFC/OEL
    • Role: Instrument design and calibration
  • Frederick Patt; SAIC Program Manager, NASA/GSFC/OEL
    • Role: Spacecraft/Instrument Navigation

SeaHawk CubeSat Development Team:

  • Craig Clark; CEO/CTO Clyde Space, Glasgow, Scotland
    • Role: Team Leader; CubeSat Satellite Bus Construction
  • Mary Cleave; Hawk Institute for Space Sciences (HISS)
    • Role: Project Collaborator - Mission planning assistance and STEM.
  • Dennis McCartney; CTO Hawk Institute for Space Sciences (HISS)
    • Role: HawkEye Aircraft Flight Testing; CubeSat Development; Launch Operations

Project External Review Team:

  • Chuck McClain, Retired
    • SeaWiFS Project Scientist and Calibration/Validation Manager
  • Don Jennings, Space Scientist
    • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics, Planetary Systems Branch
  • William Monosmith, Semi-Retired
    • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • John McCarthy, Semi-Retired
    • Orbital Sciences Corportation
  • Tilak Hewagama, Astrophysicist
    • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / University of Maryland, Sciences and Exploration Directorate
  • Malcolm Macdonald, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Colin McInnes, Systems Power and Engineering
    • University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland