SeaHawk Image Requests


As part of our commitment to provide FREE data to the community, we created this portal  to receive requests for specific imagery acquisition. However, users must acknowledge the selection criteria and the limitations involved.


  • Image requests will be considered beginning early 2019
  • There will be a maximum of 15 images captured per day. Only a fraction of these will be available for requests from the community.
  • Each person can submit only one request per 3-week cycle. Each request may contain up to 3 targets within the planning period (7 days).
  • Projected orbits will be published 3 weeks in advance.
  • Requests must be made at least a week in advance
  • There is no express guarantee that the images that users requested will be captured.
  • Requests will be selected based on the following criteria: users justification, priority and availability
  • A list of the scheduled selected targets will be published here each week.
  • Data will be published on the ocean color website, from where it can be easily downloaded.
  • Email notice will not be given if requests are accepted or rejected. It is the users’ responsibility to check the website to see if published data matches their requested target. 
click here to see an example

click here to submit a request (not operational yet)