SOCON: Sustained Ocean Color Observations using Nanosatellites

Wilmington, NC - January 21, 2015 --- a team of scientists from University of North Carolina Wilmington, Cloudland Instruments of Santa Barbara, CA, Clyde Space of Glasgow, UK, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, and Hawk Institute for Space Sciences, Pocomoke City, MD, lead by UNCW Professor John M. Morrison, recently received a 2-year grant for $1,675,000 from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as a "proof of concept to demonstrate capability to constuct low-cost autonomous nanosatellites to provide sustained, high spatial resolution and temporal resolution information about the surface ocean processes." The "science dream team" is composed of investigators that have been involved in the forefront of Ocean Color Remote Sensing since its inception 30+ years ago.

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