Shellfish Research Hatchery

NC Coastal Reserve tour listening to Dr. Ami Wilbur (Courtesy of Brooke Milligan)


One of the goals of UNCW's Shellfish Research Hatchery (SRH) is to provide professional expertise and technical support to address important issues confronting NC's shellfish resources. In agreement with our mission statement, we establish outreach opportunities by communication with resource agencies, farmers, individuals in the industry and the public. Through collaboration with shellfish farmers throughout the state we are able to field test hatchery lines to fully explore performance under a range of environmental conditions.

Student applied learning plays a large role in the hatchery with many UNCW undergraduates spending a semester learning all aspects of hatchery operations. Local high school students from Eugene Ashley High School's marine science academy have served as interns in the hatchery as well.

Student, Natalie Jones, cleaning a tank Dr. Ami Wilbur giving a tour