Shellfish Research Hatchery

Hands Holding Oysters

About Us

The Shellfish Research Hatchery (SRH) is a ~12,000 ft, state-of-the-art facility for the propagation of the early life stages of marine bivalves. The SRH was constructed in partnership with, and using state funds allocated to, the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries following recommendations resulting from a 2-year study by a multi-agency planning committee established through legislation by the NC General Assembly. The SRH has been in year-round operations since early 2011.


Infrastructure includes a microalgal culture facility designed to produce ~4,000L/day and a seawater system capable of delivering 100GPM of filtered and temperature controlled seawater. Additional resources include wet and dry support labs, a quarantine hatchery for work on non-local species and a ~2-acre aquaculture demonstration site for research on grow-out strategies.

Current Projects

Current projects involve the selective breeding of oysters, research on the performance advantages derived from triploidy, and crop diversification through the development of culture practices for bay scallops, pen shells and sunray Venus clams. 


Jamie Knaub clipping cage to line Staff and Students Examining Oysters