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Enrolled Students

Enrolled DRC Student Information

  • Self-disclose to the Disability Resource Center by completing the pre-enrollment form in a timely manner prior to the perceived need of an accommodation.
  • Provide the appropriate documentation when requested by the DRC.
  • Understand the nature of one’s disability and the impact of a diagnosis on the educational experience.
  • Request course accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester.
  • Review specific accommodation procedures on the DRC website and check for email communications from DRC.
  • Speak with instructors to implement accommodations for those classes where the need for accommodations exists.
  • Contact the DRC immediately if denied an accommodation or have concerns about how the accommodation will be implemented.
  • Schedule exams through the DRC when the course instructor is unable to provide appropriate exam accommodations.
  • Remind instructors before tests (preferably at least one week) about the need for accommodations; do not assume the instructor remembers your needs from one test to another.
  • Speak with instructors if experiencing difficulties.
  • Contact the DRC office if you believe accommodations are not working or if an instructor is not being helpful with coordinating accommodations.
  • Provide your own personal care and independent living supports as necessary when applicable.
  • Know what aspects of the course are essential functions (i.e., what you must be able to demonstrate in terms of skill, knowledge, and participation to pass the course).
  • Complete all degree requirements and all technical standards of academic program.
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities with respect to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act.

You are responsible for sending your accommodation letters to faculty each semester - no earlier than one week prior to the start of classes each semester.  It is your responsibility to touch base with each faculty member the first week of classes (or when accommodation letters are sent) via office hours for in-person classes or by email for online courses. 

To request your accommodation letter:

  1. Log on to the DRC's Student Portal.
  2. Select Request Accommodation Letters from the choices and then choose Accommodations from the menu bar.
  3. Select the correct term: Fall 2023
  4. Select ONE of the blue request buttons.
  5. Check all accommodations and all courses.
  6. Select “My accommodations are correct.”
  7. Scroll to the bottom, check the box agreeing to the terms and hit Submit.
  8. An email will be sent to each professor on your behalf alerting them to view your accommodation letter.

To schedule an appointment with a member of the DRC, log in to the Student Portal and select “Schedule an Appointment.”  

Appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend checking back frequently to see if there have been any cancellations to find an earlier appointment time.

When scheduling an appointment, be sure to select the appropriate meeting type:

  • Enrollment Meeting (60 minutes)
    • Students who are new to the DRC and received an email asking to schedule an enrollment meeting.
  • Revisit Accommodations (30 minutes)
    • for students already enrolled with the DRC and need to make changes or have questions about your accommodations
    • New Diagnoses: submit an updated Disability Verification Form or comprehensive evaluation from your provider.
  • Assistive Technology Consultation (30 minutes)
    • for students already enrolled with the DRC and need access to assistive technology or training on an AT tool
  • Other (30 minutes)
    • Select this meeting type if you seek additional support not mentioned above. Be sure to include a comment on your purpose for the meeting.

Students must be approved for this accommodation.

Testing in the Disability Resource Center is available to students who have been approved for this accommodation.  If 'EXTENDED TIME' is your only accommodation, discuss with your instructor as they may be able to provide this accommodation in their department. If your instructor is not able to accommodate you, then schedule your test proctoring appointment with the DRC.

To schedule your test, you must coordinate with your instructor well in advance of your test.  To arrange test proctoring with the DRC, log in to the Student Portal and select “Schedule a Test or Exam.”  Read the instructions on the Welcome page and select "Next" at the bottom of the page.

  1. Select Course: Select your course from the drop down menu.
  2. Date and Time: Select the date, time, and duration of your test.
    • Time = The time you will be taking the test in the DRC.
    • Duration = Amount of time your instructor is allowing everyone. Do not add in your extended time.
  3. Confirm Professor Info: Verify your course, instructor name and contact information.
  4. Choose Accommodations: Select the accommodations you wish to utilize on the test.
  5. Select Your Date & Time
  6. Confirm and Complete: Review your test information to ensure it is accurate.  Check the acknowledgement box at the bottom of the page and select "Finish."
    • If your test was submitted successfully, you will receive a "Thank You" message and an email confirmation.


  • Arrive Early: Your test must begin at the scheduled start time.
  • Important: If your instructor changes the test date AFTER you have scheduled a test proctoring appointment, it is your responsibility to cancel your proctoring appointment by logging into the Portal, selecting "My Calendar," and choosing "cancel" next to the date of the test.
  • Tests are proctored in the Disability Resource Center in DePaolo Hall, NOT the Campus Testing Center.

Scheduling Deadlines:

  • During the Semester:
    • Four business days before the test date during Fall/Spring/Summer terms
  • Final Exams:
    • Three weeks before the final exam period begins

Students must be approved for this accommodation.

Alternate Format Materials

The following formats are generally available through the DRC:

  • Electronic text from the publisher

  • Text scanned and edited

Students granted this accommodation can request required textbooks in alternative format through the DRC Student Portal.

Electronic Format of Books Procedures

Individuals should first attempt to purchase/rent accessible versions of books, if available. You can search any of the following resources for audio versions through outside sources (may require personal memberships):

If you are unable to locate an accessible version:

  1. Log in to the DRC's Student Portal.
  2. Select Alternative Texts from the portal’s welcome page and review the directions.
  3. Select New Request and agree to the terms if prompted.
  4. Search for book by ISBN and add text by selecting the + sign.
  5. Continue searching for books until all have been added, then hit the shopping cart with the arrow button.
  6. Review the requests and upload receipts indicating purchased/rented books.
  7. You will receive an email when your book(s) are ready for download with instructions for how to access them.
  8. If we can NOT obtain an accessible copy, you will receive an email stating you need to bring the book in for scanning. Do not bring books in unless you receive this email.
  9. All books will be available in PDF format with instructions provided in email for how to use screen reading software.

Additional Information

  • Alternative format is created in the order they are received and depending on the complexity/availability of the text, may take up to 6 weeks to process!
  • Instructors/professors are responsible for creating alternative formats (including enlarged font) for any other classroom materials such as: syllabi, handouts, assignments, worksheets, articles, tests etc.

Student Forms on the DRC Student Portal are only for students who have completed their enrollment meeting and were told to complete a specific form by DRC staff. 

  • You must be approved for these accommodations.
  • Carefully read through the form you have been told to fill out, check the box and enter your name and date accepting the outlined terms and conditions.

If a member of the DRC staff has requested you submit additional documentation, please log on to the Student Portal and select “Student Files.”

You can upload the following file types:

  • PDF
  • Doc
  • Docx

Please do not upload pictures of documentation taken from a smart phone with the filename .HEIC.  We are unable to open these.

When uploading files, please add a comment stating the purpose of the documentation.

Throughout the semester, the Disability Resource Center may hold workshops.  Workshops will be advertised on the DRC website or by selecting “Book a Workshop” while logged in to the Student Portal.

From the “Book a Workshop” page, you will be able to view a list of workshops, sign-up, and view scheduled appointments. 

Workshops may include:

  • Executive Functioning Supports
  • Midterm or Finals Prep Tips
  • Helpful Apps and Websites
  • Software Training

To view all upcoming appointments you have scheduled, log in to the Student Portal and select “My Calendar.”  From here you can:

  • View the details of each appointment,
  • Cancel an appointment.
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