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Event Parking

Event Parking Request Instructions

Please have the following information handy when submitting an event parking request:

  • Department ID & password (issued by the Parking Services)
  • Event details:
    • Event name
    • Start & end date/time
    • Estimated attendance
    • Primary contact name
    • Phone number and email
    • Department Banner fund number
    • Location/building
    • Parking lot(s) & the number of spaces needed
    • Peak or off-peak time
    • Resources needed (ex., e-passes, parking attendants, etc.)
    • Any additional notes or attachments that may be helpful
  1. Visit the UNCW Parking Portal
    You may also access the portal via mySeaport or Campus Reservations.
  2. In the Parking Portal select the "UNCW Department Login" option & login using your Department ID and Password
  3. Select "Event Parking Request"
  4. Enter the Event Parking Information & select "Submit"
  5. Once completed you will see a message that your request was successful, & you will be issued an Event Request ID number as a reference.

  1. Once the event parking request has been reviewed by our office you will receive a quote/confirmation via email for the parking services
  2. To view the quote in the portal:
    • From the account home screen select "View Your Letters," then select the Event Quotation for the event you submitted
  3. Your Event Parking Request will be billed to you via decentralized billing
  4. If any changes need to be made concerning your event, please contact & a new quote/confirmation will be submitted to you for review
Please contact for assistance with your event needs.

Unattended Lot Rates

(M-F 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
University Events e.g. Graduation
Off Peak
(M-F 6 p.m. - 7 a.m.) Sat-Sun all day
Lot Spaces: 0-50 (small) $ 75 $ 50
Lot Spaces: 51-100 (medium) $150 $100
Lot Spaces: 101-up (large) $300 $200
Greene Track Lot $150 $150

Attendant Rates

When parking attendants are required or requested, the below rates apply. Generic directional signage is provided at major intersections. These rates are in addition to the unattended lot rates.

Attendant minimum: 1 at 3 hours

Rate Minimum Charge
Supervisor $30 per hour Minimum charge of 3 hours = $90
Attendant $25 per hour Minimum charge of $75 per additional attendant


Parking & Transportation Services Office

Warwick Center