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Financial Aid refunds are issued after aid is disbursed by the Financial Aid Office. Refunds from excess financial aid funds generally do not arrive until the first day of class.

To ensure Financial Aid is disbursed quickly, students should ensure they have completed the promissory notes, entrance counseling, accepted financial aid awards online, and completed the Title IV form.

Refunds (credits on the account) that are the result of Parent PLUS Loans may be refunded either to the student or to the parent.

At the time of completing the loan application, parents can opt to have any PLUS Loan refund payable to the student or directly to the parent borrower on the loan by checking the appropriate box on the loan application.

Refund to Parent

Refunds for Parent PLUS Loans will always be in the form of the paper check mailed to the borrower’s physical address provided on the loan application. Please ensure the borrow's physical address is up to date on the loan application. 

Refund to Student

Refunds to the students will be processed as either an e-Refund or in the form of a paper check mailed to the student. Information on how students can receive their refund can be found in "How I will receive my refund on this site?"

For the borrower to set up the refund to go to the student they will need to complete the authorization during the application period.

Changing your Refund Method

Parents who did not initially authorize their student to receive the Parent PLUS Loan may opt to change their decision.

Parents who did not authorize your student to receive the funds directly at the time of application but now wish to do so, please contact The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Tuition and fees refund for complete withdrawals from the university are prorated based on the schedule.

No refund is issued for official withdrawals after 50 percent of the enrollment period. No refunds for Summer Session withdrawals are available.

Please note there are no tuition credits for the summer term. Please visit the Registrar for Add/Drop and academic withdrawal dates. Refer to OAP Credit schedule for Students in the Online Accelerated Program.

Receiving My Refund

In order to receive a refund, payment must exceed student account balance, payment must be fully credited (refund can only be made after financial aid is disbursed; memo or pending financial aid does not initiate a refund), and student's primary mailing address should be updated in SeaNet or have a current direct deposit on file.