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Important Collections Information

  • A hold will be placed on the student’s account and all request for readmission, transcripts or diplomas will be denied until the student’s account is paid in full. There are no exceptions to releasing the holds with students who have an outstanding balance with the university.
  • All past due accounts will be notified by mail that they have an outstanding balance with the university.
  • A second letter will be sent when the account is 60 days past due.
  • If no action is taken after the second letter, further collection activity on these accounts will be at the discretion of the Attorney General’s Office and incur additional fees.
  • Outstanding balances not paid after 90 days
    • Referral to an approved collection agency
    • Reported to the Credit Bureau
    • Report to the State of NC to withhold state tax refund (Set off Debt Collection Act)
    • State Employees Debt Collection Act procedures

Setoff Debt Collection Act

As part of the North Carolina Setoff Debt Collection Act, debtors to the university with debts of $50 or greater must be listed with the NC Department of Revenue for potential set off against their NC individual income tax refunds.

The NC Department of Revenue will notify the person with a past due account that they university has a claim against their income tax refund at the time that a refund is seized. The amount owed to UNCW plus a SODCA collection fee is deducted from the individual’s state tax refund. The amount owed is then forwarded to UNCW and the collection fee is retained by the NC Department of Revenue.

UNCW will apply the funds received as payment against the outstanding account balance and send a letter to the student notifying them. The student has 30 days to file an appeal, if no appeal is filed then the monies (excluding the SODCA collection fee) is applied to the outstanding balance.

State Employee Debt Collection Act (SEDCA)

If you are a state employee who owes the university money, your account will be submitted as part of the State Employees Debt Collection Act 143-553 (SEDCA). This act requires that employees who work for a state agency will be required to pay their debt in full or authorize their wages being garnished 10 percent of their net earnings or face termination.

Payment Options

  • Pay online through Collections Portal
  • Pay by phone
  • Pay by mail
  • Payment options (see below for more information)

Payment Plans

Monthly payment plans are available to students whose accounts have been placed in collections.

Please contact the Collection Specialist at 910.962.1089 to set up a payment plan or if you have questions about your student account in collections. While establishment of satisfactory payment arrangement will not result in the removal of holds, it will stop the progression of collection efforts once the first installment has been paid.

Note if the student fails to make the monthly scheduled payment the collection process will resume.

Rectifying my Account

Rectifying your accounts means all debt is paid and holds are removed.

When will the hold on my account be removed?

If you have paid your outstanding balance with the university then the hold on your account will be removed. Please use the following chart to determine the timeline for removing a hold.

  • Conserve 844.853.4875
  • F.H. Cann & Associates 877.750.9804
  • Key2Recovery 877.322.5392
  • Reliant Capital Solutions 866.837.5096
  • Schuerger Law Group 855.277.7798
  • Todd, Bremer & Lawson 877.427.6544

Monthly payment plans

Monthly Payment Plans
Amount Due Payment Plan (in Months)
$500 to $999 6-Month Payment Plan
$1,000 to $2,999 12-Month Payment Plan
$3,000 to $4,999 18-Month Payment Plan
$5,000 or more 24-Month Payment Plan

Rectifying your accounts

Rectifying your account
Type of Payment Account Hold Removal Timeframe
Cash or Credit Card Immediately
Webcheck 10 business days from payment
Paper Check 30 days from payment*

*Please note: Students may email a copy of the front and back of the paper check (account numbers blackened out) or provide bank documentation that the check has cleared their account then we will remove the hold sooner than 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions related to the collections process.