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Residence Hall Association

More About Us

The UNCW Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the governing body over all of the area councils for the on-campus student population. RHA holds weekly meetings where student concerns are addressed, and programs are planned.

The Executive Board of RHA is made up of the President, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Finance and Administration, National Communications Coordinator, a National Communications Coordinator In-Training, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Community Service, and Vice President of Leadership and Development.

In addition to the executive board, RHA requires one representative from each of the residential area councils to attend the weekly RHA meetings. Any student may attend the meetings throughout the year.

A large part of what RHA does is campus programming, including a leadership developing retreat for each area chapter, the campus visitation program for incoming freshmen, and an open forum for students to bring housing concerns. Students in RHA also attend conferences each year.

Conferences are a time for student housing leaders to organize and present successful programs, which can then be shared with other campuses. Conferences are a time to celebrate school spirit, teamwork, and dedication to the campus community.

RHA has taken several steps to better the organization by having the body evaluate the executive board through performance evaluations, collaborating on programs between area chapters and by participating in programs with other student organizations such as the Student Government Association.

The Residence Hall Association is the overall governing body for all University of North Carolina Wilmington residence halls. The Residence Hall Association serves as the representative body for the on-campus student population. The Residence Hall Association is responsible for promoting and generating campus activities while serving as a resource for the residents and the Office of Housing and Residence Life staff.

This is the approved Constitution for the 2020-2021 year. RHA Constitution 2020-2021 For any questions or concerns regarding the constitution or any amendments throughout the year email O'Keefe Johnson.

This portion of the RHA website is dedicated to the conferences that UNCW students and staff attend throughout the year. The three primary conferences are the North Carolina Association of Residence Halls (NCARH), the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH), and the NACURH conference on an international level.

onferences are a great way to meet people from other universities, to share ideas and exchange programs with one another. We like to take as many delegates as possible but spaces are limited to keep an eye out for when applications become available. For more information, email Hayden Smith (NCC).

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