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Faculty & Staff Meal Plans

Faculty & Staff Meal Plans

"Try Me" Combo Plan

$78.85 (*plus tax)

  • 10 Dining Hall Meal Swipes (cost per meal $5.50) 
  • $20 Food Dollars (plus $5 Bonus Free)

Meal Swipe Plan 

$107.00 (*plus tax)

  • 20 Dining Hall Meal Swipes (cost per meal $5.00)

Food Dollar Plan

$120.00 (*plus tax)

  • $100 Food Dollars (plus $20 Bonus Free)

Combo Plan

$201.65 (*plus tax)

  • 20 Dining Hall Swipes (cost $5.00 per meal)
  • $100 Food Dollars (plus $20 Bonus Free) 

*NC Sales Tax is charged on the Meals portion only at the time of meal plan purchase. Food Dollars will be taxed as they are used.

Sign Up for your Meal Plan!

Complete the meal plan form to sign up for a faculty/staff meal plan via payroll deduction! If paying in person, complete the form before going to the One Card office to pay for the plan.

Payroll Deduction Information

Payroll Deductions include tax.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plans 1 payroll period 3 consecutive payroll periods
"Try Me" Combo Plan $78.85 $26.29
Meal Swipe Plan $107.00 $35.67
Food Dollars Plan $100.00 $33.34
Combo Plan $201.65 $67.22

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Meal Plans (Auxiliary Services)