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Foil-covered Canisters Growing Green Algae

Awards & Recognition

Research Achievement Award Recipients

Troy Frensley, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences 

Troy Frensley’s research focuses on developing and conducting program evaluations and research projects in the fields of environmental education, environmental interpretation and informal STEM education to understand the impacts of this work and what leads to successful programs and experiences for diverse audiences. 


Peter Haproff, Assistant Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences 

Peter Haproff, a field-based structural geologist, looks to answer critical questions related to Earth’s evolution by investigating the expressions, mechanisms and timescales of lithospheric deformation and magmatism related to tectonic processes, which can improve knowledge of natural hazards and inform risk mitigation strategies.  


Lindsey Schroeder, Associate Professor, Health and Applied Human Sciences 

With a utility patent pending for a neck strength assessment tool, Lindsey Schroeder aims to extend her collaborative research on reducing the incidence of traumatic brain injuries beyond athletics to the warfighter to improve the lives of patients and their families, unburden the healthcare system and support military readiness. 


Blake Ushijima, Assistant Professor, Biology and Marine Biology 

Blake Ushijima studies how pathogenic microbes cause disease outbreaks with corals and develops new methods to treat coral diseases, which can overlap with natural products discovery and be applied to human pathogens in some instances.


Jill Waity, Professor, Sociology and Criminology 

Ensuring food and nutrition security is essential to healthy, productive living and reducing societal inequalities. Jill Waity’s research in this area specifically tackles disaster food insecurity risk and college student food access.  


Jake Warner, Assistant Professor, Biology and Marine Biology 

Using marine invertebrates, Jake Warner seeks to understand basic principles of cell biology and contributes to a broader understanding of fundamental processes, including cell movements, growth and the development of diseases, including cancer. 


Marine Mammal Stranding Program, Biology and Marine Biology 

Michael Tift (director), Julia Buck, Patrick Erwin, Tiffany Keenan, Heather Koopman, Bill McLellan, Ann Pabst and Lorian Schweikert  

The Marine Mammal Stranding Program’s mission is to improve the understanding of the biology and health of marine mammals that inhabit local waters to enhance their conservation. With permission from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the MMSP responds to sick, injured or deceased marine mammals in the southern region of North Carolina. Samples and data from these animals enable important collaborative research and provide unique applied learning opportunities for students. Current projects include the study of the newly discovered lymphatic system in the central nervous system, the diversity of the gut microbiome between species, and the link between parasite load and disease ecology. 

April Braswell, Nursing

Xavier Neumeyer, Management

Richard Pond, Psychology

Michael Tift, Biology and Marine Biology

Rachael Urbanek, Environmental Sciences


National Drug Court Resource Center

Kristen DeVall (Sociology and Criminology), Christina Lanier (Sociology and Criminology), Sally MacKain (Psychology), Jeanne Persuit (Communication Studies) and Ron Vetter (Computer Science)

Million Dollar Club Members

David Andrews, Watson College of Education

Daniel Baden, Center for Marine Science

Chris Finelli, Biology and Marine Biology

Alan Hulbert, Center for Marine Science

Lynn Leonard, Earth and Ocean Sciences

William McLellan, Biology and Marine Biology

James Merritt, Biology and Marine Biology

Steven Miller, Center for Marine Science

Ann Pabst, Biology and Marine Biology

Joseph Pawlik, Biology and Marine Biology

Martin Posey, Biology and Marine Biology

Thomas Potts, Center for Marine Science

Paul Reinmann, Center for Marine Science

Steve Ross, Center for Marine Science

Andrew Shepard, Center for Marine Science

Troy Alphin, Biology and Marine Biology

Gene Brooks Avery, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cathy Barlow, Watson College of Education

Lawrence Cahoon, Biology and Marine Biology

Richard Dillaman, Biology and Marine Biology

Jennifor Dorton, Center for Marine Science

Michael Durako, Biology and Marine Biology

Robert Kieber, Chemistry and Biochemistry

LeslieLanger, Small Business Technology Development Center

Michael Mallin, Center for Marine Science

Ralph Mead, Earth and Ocean Sciences (2023)

John Morrison, Physics and Physical Oceanography

Marvin Moss, Center for Marine Sciences

Karl Ricanek, Computer Science

Karen Shafer, Watson College of Education

Robert Tyndall,Watson College of Education

Ronald Vetter, Computer Science

Wade Watanabe, Center for Marine Science

Robert Wicklund, Academic Affairs

Amy Wilbur, Shellfish Research Hatchery

Jeffrey Wright, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Md Shah Alam, Center for Marine Science

Midori Albert, Anthropology

Antje Almeida, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Paulo Almeida, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Catharina Alves de Souza, Center for Marine Science

Diana Ashe, Center for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Leadership

Jeffery Bailey, Biology and Marine Biology

Michael Baker, Center for Marine Science

John Bennett, School of Health and Applied Human Sciences

Frederick Bingham, Physics and Physical Oceanography

James Blum, Mathematics and Statistics

Jess Boersma, World Languages and Cultures

Perri Bomar, School of Nursing

Andrea Bourdelais, Center for Marine Science

Philip Bresnahan, Earth and Ocean Sciences (2023)

Rebecca Caldwell, Division of Student Affairs

Patrick Carroll, Aquaculture Program

Caroline Clements, Psychology

Dale Cohen, Psychology

Edna Collins, Watson College of Education

William Cooper, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Natacha Davis, QENO Trust

Steve Demski, Public Service and Continuing Studies

Darwin Dennison, Health and Applied Human Services

Kristen DeVall, Sociology and Criminology

James DeVita, Watson College of Education

Chris Dumas, Economics and Finance

Steve Emslie, Biology and Marine Biology

Patrick Erwin, Biology and Marine Biology

Devon Eulie, Environmental Sciences (2023)

Martha Everette, Watson College of Education

Jennifer Fernandez-Villa, International Programs

Arthur Frampton, Biology and Marine Biology

Troy Frensley, Environmental Sciences (2023)

Wilson Freshwater, Biology and Marine Biology

Joseph Galizio, Psychology

Liping Gan, Physics and Physical Oceanography

Nathanial Grove, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Courtney Hackney, Biology and Marine Biology

Ken Halanych, Center for Marine Science (2023)

Stephen Hall, Center for Marine Science

Joanne Halls, Earth and Ocean Sciences (2023)

William Harris, Geography and Geology

Andrea Hawkes, Earth and Ocean Sciences (2023)

Andrew Hayes, Watson College of Education

Hathia Hayes, Watson College of Education

Russel Herman, Mathematics and Statistics

Lance Horn, Center for Marine Science

Paul Hosier, Biology and Marine Biology

Leslie Hossfeld, Sociology and Criminology

Michelle Howard-Vital, Public Service and Extended Education

Richard Huber, Watson College of Education

Jessie Jarvis, Biology and Marine Biology (2023)

Julian Keith, Psychology

Steve Kinsey, Biology and Marine Biology

Rachel Kohman, Psychology

Heather Koopman, Biology and Marine Biology

Christopher LaClair, Center for Marine Science

Mark Lammers, Mathematics and Statistics (2023)

Chad Lane, Earth and Ocean Sciences (2023)

Christina Lanier, Sociology and Criminology

Tom Lankford, Biology and Marine Biology

David Lindquist, Biology and Marine Biology

Joseph Long, Physics and Physical Oceanography (2023)

Susana Lopez-Legentil, Biology and Marine Biology

Susan Lovelace, Center for Marine Science

Gabriel Lugo, Mathematics and Statistics

Sally MacKain, Psychology

Daniel Masters, Public and International Affairs

Leah Mayo, Center for Healthy Communities

Jennifer McCall, School of Nursing

Michael McCartney, Biology and Marine Biology

Dylan McNamara, Physics and Physical Oceanography

Heather McWhorter, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Stephen Meinhold, Public and International Affairs

Mahnaz Moallem, Watson College of Education

Jeremy Morgan, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jerome Naar, Center for Marine Science

Sridhar Narayan, Computer Science

Nora Noel, Psychology

Kate Nooner, Psychology (2023)

William Overman, Psychology

Laurie Paarlberg, Public and International Affairs

Eleni Pappamihiel, Watson College of Education

Eric Patterson, Computer Science

Toni Pence, Computer Science

Mike Perko, Health and Applied Human Sciences

Jeanne Persuit, Communication Studies

Narcisa Pricope, Earth and Ocean Sciences

Eleanora Reber, Anthropology (2023)

James Reeves, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Robert Roer, Biology and Marine Biology

Spencer Rogers, Center for Marine Science

Donyell Roseboro, Watson College of Education (2023)

Saul Rosser, Center for Marine Science

David Roye, Biology and Marine Biology

Fran Scarlett, Small Business Technology Development Center

Fred Scharf, Biology and Marine Biology

Lee Schweninger, English

Pamela Seaton, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thomas Shafer, Biology and Marine Biology

Ron Sizemore, Biology and Marine Biology

Stephen Skrabal, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bongkuen Song, Biology and Marine Biology

Ann Stapleton, Biology and Marine Biology

Wendy Strangman, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ata Suanda, Physics and Physical Oceanography (2023)

Lori Sutter, Biology and Marine Biology (2023)

Alina Szmant, Biology and Marine Biology

Gene Tagliarini, Computer Science

Allison Taylor, Biology and Marine Biology

Carol Chase Thomas, Watson College of Education

Michael Tift, Biology and Marine Biology (2023)

Craig Tobias, Geography and Geology

Blake Ushijima, Biology and Marine Biology

Sridhar Varadarajan, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Aswani Volety, formerly College of Arts and Sciences

Charles Ward, Chemistry and Biochemistry

David Webster, Biology and Marine Biology

Ashley Wells, Health and Applied Human Sciences

Andrew Westgate, Biology and Marine Biology

Karen Wetherill, Watson College of Education

Jason White, Center for Marine Science

James White, Biology and Marine Biology

Robert Whitehead, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joan Wiley, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thomas Williamson, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2023)