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Walking Wilmington Tours Developed by UNCW Research Students

UNCW Students Design Walking Tours Stepping Into the Past
May 18, 2020 - Four UNCW students from the International Studies, Computer Science, and Fine Arts departments designed a series of interactive mini-walking tours in Wilmington based on psychogeography around themes of migration, development, and gentrification. The practice...more

Dr. Elham Ebrahimi

Dr. Elham Ebrahimi Published and Work Recognized by ACM
May 17, 2021 - Dr. Elham Ebrahimi's paper titled "How the Presence and Size of Static Peripheral Blur Affects Cybersickness in Virtual Reality" was selected to be published in the special issue in Transaction for Applied Perception Journal and also awarded the best paper award at ACM Symposium for Applied Perception 2020 Conference. Dr. Ebrahimi is...more

Brian Arbogast Guest on Science Tonight Talk Show

Professor Dr. Brian Arbogast Guest on 'Science Tonight' Talk Show
May 17, 2021 – UNCW’s Department of Biology and Marine Biology professor, Brian Arbogast, Ph.D., will be the guest on ‘Science Tonight with Chris Smith’ Thursday, May 20th, at 7pm eastern. ‘Science Tonight’ is a science talk show produced by the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and broadcast live...more

Brittle Star on Coral

Tetra Tech, Inc. Supports UNCW’s Undersea Vehicles Program for Oceanographic Surveying in EPA Region 4
May 11, 2021 – The UNCW Undersea Vehicles Program (UVP) received $24,915 from Tetra Tech, Inc. with survey objectives of determining bottom substrate composition and identifying biotic inhabitants such as fish and coral. The research area was just offshore...more

Coastal Entrepreneurship Awards

Four UNCW Collaborations Among 2021 Coastal Entrepreneurship Awards
May 7, 2021 - Greater Wilmington Business Journal announced the 2021 Coastal Entrepreneur Awards (CEA). Four UNCW collaborations stood out among the gamut of 11 winners...more

EVS Department Assists Developing Coastal Watersheds

Department of EVS, Devon Eulie and Students, Assist in Development of Coastal Watersheds
May 5, 2021 - Over the last five years, EVS faculty member Dr. Devon Eulie (‘05B, ‘08M) and her students in the Coastal and Estuarine Studies (CES) Lab, have been assisting in the development of watershed management plans for a handful of coastal watersheds along North Carolina’s coast. These...more

Barrel Sponge Story Published by Lauren Olinger

Ph.D. Student Lauren Olinger Published in Frontiers of Marine Science
Title: Marine Sponges Absorb Organic Compounds from Seawater
May 3, 2021 - Sponges are now the dominant animal life on Caribbean reefs, and they pump huge volumes of seawater through their bodies as they feed. Now, a new research paper authored by UNCW Ph.D. student Lauren Olinger...more

Sea Grass

New Research Shows Long-term Recovery Possible for Areas Impacted by Seagrass Die-off
April 29, 2021 - An article in Mirage News features UNCW researchers work documenting the response of seagrasses after the die-off. Their detailed data collection...more

Million Dollar Club

UNCW Celebrates Million Dollar Club Inductees and Cahill Award Winners
April 29, 2021 - UNCW is excited to welcome five new members to the James F. Merritt Million Dollar Club: Dr. Kristen DeVall (Sociology and Criminology), Dr. Christy Lanier (Sociology and Criminology), Dr. Jeanne...more

Lenoir Community College

Undergraduate Research Experience Partnership Between LCC and UNCW
April 28, 2021 - Lenoir Community College (LCC) and the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) have partnered to provide a new initiative. This initiative is intended to open pathways to undergraduate research for...more

Gene Felice

Digital Art Installation by Gene Felice Featured at CAM Earth Day Celebration
April 23, 2021 -The human relationship with water was celebrated on Earth Day at dusk at the Cameron Art Museum pond featuring digital art by UNCW digital-media assistant  profess, Gene Felice...more

Jacob Warner

Assistant Professor Jacob Warner Receives $413,836 National Institute of Health Grant
April 19, 2021
- Biology Professor, Jake Warner received $415,850 from the NIH for a project entitled “Constructing High Resolution Gene Regulatory Network of EMT.” Jake studies the earliest developmental processes in the embryos of sea urchins. These...more

Joseph Covi

UNCW Researcher Joseph Covi Receives Grant to Continue Studying Zooplankton in Antarctica
April 15, 2021 - UNCW Associate Professor of Biology and Marine Biology Joseph Covi has received funding from the Korea Polar Research Institute to continue several years of research into a type of zooplankton that...more