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In Flux: The Migration of Elite-Level Soccer Players
When people think of individuals moving to take a job, professional sports players likely don’t come to mind. As an associate professor of sociology at UNCW, Daniel Buffington thinks a little differently than most. more...

CHHS Professor Recieves Cahill Research Grant to Investigate Product that may Help People with Lung Obstrcution
Jennifer McCall, an assistant professor in the School of Nursing's Clinical Research Program, recieved a Cahill Research Grant. more...

UNCW Awarded $80,000 In CAA "Innovate/Collaborate" Grants
UNCW’s Office of Undergraduate Studies has been awarded $80,000 in multi-institutional "Innovate/Collaborate" grants from the Colonial Academic Alliance. The grants are the first to be awarded under CAA’s new IN/CO Grant Program. Each totaling $20,000 per year for two years, the grants are dedicated to the support of initiatives that address pressing policy challenges in higher education, fuel collaboration between institutions, and promote innovation in intellectual inquiry. more...

Plastic and oil

Burning the Midnight Plastic: Researchers turn ocean debris into usable oil
When Bonnie Monteleone ’11M began her thesis for her master’s in liberal studies, she learned of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” large swaths of marine debris created by non-biodegradable trash. Since then, Monteleone’s interest in keeping the ocean plastic-free has morphed into a lifelong passion project. After founding the national nonprofit Plastic Ocean Project, Monteleone has partnered with the UNCW chemistry department as well as PK Clean, a company dedicated to turning waste into fuel.

Robert Snowden

Research Takes Flight: UNCW biology student wins NC Coastal Reserve fellowship
Over the years, climate change has affected much of the natural world. Scientists have studied related phenomena such as disappearing coral reefs and melting ice caps to understand how climate change is disrupting the patterns of nature. UNCW biology student Robert Snowden ’18M will make his contribution to this body of work by researching the historically understudied effects of changing environmental temperatures on seabird species.

Trees in the Horn of Africa

UNCW Geography Professor Publishes in Prestigious Multidisciplinary Journal
UNCW assistant professor of Geography Narcisa Pricope serves as second author on a scholarly article entitled “Biodiversity Areas Under Threat: Overlap of Climate Change and Population Pressures on the World’s Biodiversity Priorities,” which has been published in the prestigious multidisciplinary open access journal PLOS ONE.

Explorations Banner

Publishing in Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal Prepares Students for the Future
Eight years ago, Kate Bruce, UNCW professor of psychology and director of the Honors College, became the editor-in-chief for Explorations, the journal of undergraduate research and creative activities for the state of North Carolina. This year, for volume XI of the journal, a large number of UNCW students have been published, alongside the work of students from participating universities across the state. Going through the publishing process at such a young age is, according to Bruce, an invaluable experience for future researchers.

Laura Bagge

UNCW Alumna Discovers Crustacean Camouflage
Laura Bagge ’08, ’11M first discovered marine biology catching ghost crabs during summer visits to the aquarium near Emerald Isle, NC. That early interest inspired her to major in biology and marine biology at UNCW.

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Recent Grant Awards

  • Enhancement of Algal Resources Collection
    Catharina Alves de Souza
  • Evaluation of the Mecklenburg County Drug Treatment Court Program
    Kristen Devall

  • Nitrogen solubility in spinal cords of diving animals
    Heather Koopman
  • Literature: To support publications by Ecotone magazine and Lookout Books
    Anna Lena Phillips Bell

  • Spatial and Acoustic Ecology of Marine Megafauna
    D Pabst