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Withdrawals can be necessary for any number of reasons.  There are two different categories of withdrawals.  When contemplating a withdrawal, whether one course or all courses, it is advisable to discuss your plans with your academic advisor.  Additionally, you will want to review the withdrawal deadline dates in the Office of the Registrar’s calendar of events. A W-Withdrawal still retains its attempted hours and appears on your transcript, but has no impact on your GPA.  A WF-Withdrawal Failure appears on your transcript and translates as a failure with respect to the calculation of your GPA. In addition, because of the short duration of summer school sessions, summer school charges are not refundable after the add/drop period. 

Withdrawal Passing (Single Course)

After the last day of registration and add/drop, undergraduate and graduate students may withdraw from individual classes through SeaNet, subject to the deadlines and conditions defined in their Catalogue.

Withdrawal Failing (Single Course)

Be aware that withdrawing from a course with a failing grade can impact your academic career in many ways. Please talk to your academic advisor regarding this action. A WF grade is a failing grade and does count in your grade point average as well as toward tuition surcharge. A WF grade appears on your transcript. You may replace the WF grade by retaking the course. The new grade will replace the old grade in your GPA and hours totals, but the WF will still appear on your transcript.

Earning a WF may affect you in other ways. We recommend researching any impact this action may have in other parts of your academic career, such as financial aid eligibility, housing, scholarship eligibility, and possibly others.

A student may withdraw failing from a course until 5 pm on the last day of classes. To withdraw failing, please send an email from your UNCW email account to with the subject "Withdraw Failing." In your email, you must include the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Student ID number
  3. Course subject, number, section, title, and CRN
  4. Semester
  5. Include this statement: "I have researched the possible impacts of a WF on my record and assume responsibility for all outcomes resulting from this request."

If your request does not include this information or it is not sent from your UNCW email, your email will be returned for completion.

Withdrawal (All Courses)

The Complete Term Withdrawal request for undergraduate students is available for the fall and spring terms and opens after the end of the drop/add period. The Complete Term Withdrawal request is located in My Seaport and must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the university calendar. Click here for instructions. Full term withdrawals will not count towards a student’s 16-hour course withdrawal threshold.

If you feel your withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control, please contact your academic Associate Dean. Documented extenuating circumstances may include: death of an immediate family member; traumatic and unforeseen circumstances which are considered beyond a student’s control; serious emotional instability, physical injury or illness which has resulted in the student’s inability to complete academic responsibilities in a given term. Students should note that poor standing in a course does not constitute an extenuating circumstance in and of itself. Courses withdrawn with extenuating circumstances are not included in the maximum withdrawal threshold. For additional information regarding this process, reference your academic catalog

Graduate students who intend to withdraw from all classes for a term must process an official withdrawal form through the Graduate School by the deadline indicated in the university calendar.