Office of the Registrar

Transfer Credit

Any undergraduate student transferring to UNCW may use up to 90 semester hours of external academic credit toward their UNCW degree. These credits must be from regionally accredited institutions attended. Of those 90 hours, no more than 64 semester hours can be accepted from two year institutions.

For military students, credits earned for military training and experience are accepted for transfer and are counted as upper-level, four year institution credits toward the 90 hour limit. You will need to provide your Joint Services Transcript (JST) to the university for evaluation of your credit (or CCAF transcript if Air Force).

You can look up how UNCW equates military credits using our transfer articulation tool ( Select “Military – Americas” for the state and then find your branch of service for the institution. For step 3, select “All Subjects” to see a full display of our equivalencies.

You will qualify to have the requirement for PED 101 Physical Activity and Wellness waived upon verification of Basic or Recruit Training from your military transcript or submission of your DD214 showing good standing at your separation.

Evaluation of credits earned from non-military sources (including other colleges and universities and testing programs such as AP, CLEP, and IB) follow the same process used for other undergraduate students. You will need to submit an official transcript or report from each source directly to UNCW. When we receive those, your credits will be evaluated for acceptability. Registrar staff will add your credits to your UNCW record while observing the 64 hour/90 hour limits. If you have credits beyond those totals, our staff will select those credits that seem most suitable to your academic program. You can work with your academic advisor later if you believe some used credits need to be swapped out for unused credits that would be more beneficial for you.

The UNC System is currently developing a database of uniform course equivalents for military credits to be used at all UNC System schools. When launched, this database will replace the UNCW database currently in use. The development of this project is expected to change how credits are worked with at UNCW. Additional details on this project will be posted to this website as they are shared with us.

Once you start at UNCW, you may be able to transfer additional courses you want to take. You would follow the same rules as other undergraduate students as found in the University Catalogue, and planning for taking non-UNCW credits starts with your academic advisor.