Office of the Registrar

Active Duty/Deployment

If you are called to active duty or deployed during a semester, you are eligible to receive a leave of absence for your service period.

Should you need this, notify the Registrar’s Office ( from your UNCW email account of your situation and provide a copy of your orders unless you are prohibited from doing so.

The leave of absence may extend for as long as three years after the completion of the service period. During the leave of absence, you will not be made an inactive student at UNCW.

If you are in good academic standing and return within the three year window following your service period, you do not have to complete the readmission process. However, if you leave while on academic probation or suspension or exceed the three year window, then you will need to apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions.

When you are able to return to UNCW, email the Registrar’s Office with your intention. You will be asked to complete an online returning student questionnaire and then reactivated to be able to register. After that, you can connect with your academic advisor to plan out next steps.

Direct any questions about how this leave will affect your account balance and financial aid to or