Office of the Registrar

UNCW Student Email Account

The University of North Carolina Wilmington regards e-mail as an official method of communication with students, staff and faculty. The UNCW e-mail address is the official address for faculty, staff and student electronic communications. Faculty, staff and students assume full responsibility for the decision to forward e-mail, and any failure to receive e-mail communications due to an alternative e-mail service does not necessarily constitute a defense for failure to respond. While e-mail is an official method of communication, it is not the only official method of communication and does not exclude alternate methods such as written or oral communications. All members of the university community must maintain good e-mail management habits and adhere to the standards of responsible use specified in the UNCW Responsible Use of Electronic Resources Policy ( if the institution is to maintain a quality, collaborative computing environment.

Student Account Activation

UNCW email accounts are created upon acceptance to UNCW.

Student Account Deactivation

Student accounts will be deactivated after the drop/add period the fall or spring semester following separation from UNCW. Separation is defined as graduation, transfer, following a leave of absence, etc. Students who have separated from the university are not able keep their "" email account. It is recommended that students provide a personal email to potential employers and/or graduate schools in order to maintain contact after their UNCW email is deactivated.