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UNC Online

While there is no requirement to do so, faculty teaching online courses are encouraged to offer courses through UNC Online.  Your course is eligible to be advertised via UNC Online, with no change in delivery.  By adding your course(s) to UNC Online, students at any of the other UNC campuses will be able to enroll.  UNC Online is very helpful if you feel that enrollment numbers will be small, and your course is in jeopardy of being canceled.  Please consider making your class available to all UNC students, if appropriate.  Keep in mind that this may require a conversation with your department chairs. 

If you would like to open your course to UNC Online, the following document will be especially helpful. 

Instructions for Uploading Courses to UNC Online

NOTE:  Although eligible, if you are teaching in the Online Accelerated Program (OAP) it is my understanding that the College of Health and Human Services does not wish for you to avail yourself to UNC Online.  Please disregard if you are teaching in this shortened format.


Q:  How do I designate a course for UNC Online?

A:  The document above will explain how you, or your departmental representative, should flag the course for inclusion within UNC Online.

Q:  Can I reserve some seats (not all) for UNC Online students?

A:  Yes, you can reserve a set number of seats for UNC Online students and adjust the seat numbers as needed.  See the attached document above for more information on how to set up your reserved seats.

Q:  If I have made my course available through UNC Online, how do I know if another campus’ student has enrolled?

A:  You will know if students are enrolling through UNC Online by their class code (UX) on your class roster in mySeaport or their registration status and major on your roster in SeaNet.  Otherwise, they will appear and interact the same as a UNCW student.

Example:  SeaNet roster will look like this…for which the UNCX designates they are attending through UNC Online.

UNC Online Registration

Q:  How do I view the course offerings currently available through UNC Online?

A:  Go to and filter using the search menu on the left.  You may wish to filter on a particular term and those being offered by UNC Wilmington.