Office of the Registrar

Tuition Surcharge

Waiver Procedure

The General Assembly amendment (Section 9.10.(a) of Session Law 2009-451) noted an intent to create waiver categories for the tuition surcharge and to require that the Board of Governors establish a waiver procedure for the UNC campuses to follow.

Specifically, it states,

Upon application by a student, the tuition surcharge shall be waived if the student demonstrates that any of the following have substantially disrupted or interrupted the student's pursuit of a degree: (i) a military service obligation, (ii) serious medical debilitation, (iii) a short-term or long-term disability, or (iv) other extraordinary hardship. The Board of Governors shall establish the appropriate procedures to implement the waiver provided by this subsection.

If you feel that the your personal circumstances match the waiver circumstances listed here, you should submit an appeal within thirty (30) business days of receiving notice of the tuition surcharge.

Your appeal should include the completed Tuition Surcharge Waiver Form, a personal statement explaining your circumstances, supporting documentation showing evidence to support your claim, and an action plan detailing your remaining requirements and strategy for meeting them.

Once you have collected all needed appeal documents, please submit your materials to the Office of the Registrar by one of the following methods:

Mail: Tuition Surcharge Waiver Appeals Committee
Office of the Registrar (Attn: Freeman Whitney)
601 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5618
Fax: (910) 962-3887

The committee typically issues waiver decisions within two weeks of the application deadline. Applicants are notified of the committee's decision by email to their UNCW accounts. In the case of an approval, Student Accounts will be notified of the decision for E-Bill adjustment. Applicants do not appear in person before the committee; the waiver request will be considered based on the materials submitted and the applicant's academic history. The decision of the committee is final-there is no level of appeal beyond the committee.

The waiver process is limited to requests for the current semester - requests for retroactive or future term waivers are not entertained.

To reference the Tuition Surcharge Guidelines issued by the University of North Carolina General Administration, click here.