Office of the Registrar

Tuition Surcharge

Hours Excluded

Several types of credit hours are not counted against a student when tuition surcharge eligibility is calculated. These excluded credits include the following:

  1. Summer school credits (whether taken at UNCW or another school)
  2. Advanced Placement (AP) credits
  3. International Baccalaureate (IB) credits
  4. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or similar credits
  5. UNCW supplemental credit (typically for math or foreign language)
  6. Early college or high school dual-enrollment credit
  7. Military service and/or training credit
  8. UNCW credit approved for "withdrawal for extenuating circumstances" status
  9. UNCW extension site courses or extension division courses from any other UNC institution
  10. Transfer credits from colleges and universities outside of North Carolina or from private colleges and universities within North Carolina when those credits were accepted by UNCW for transfer for a student and added to the student's UNCW record prior to August 15, 2013

All non-UNCW credits accepted for transfer and added to the student's record since August 15, 2013 are surcharge-applicable unless those credits happen to be from one of the excluded categories listed above (categories 1-9).

Please review your unofficial transcript in SeaNet to see if you have any credits that would be excluded from the tuition surcharge calculation. If you have questions about whether particular credits on your record are excluded, please email Freeman Whitney ( for clarification.