Office of the Registrar

Tuition Surcharge

Hours Calculations

To determine surcharge eligibility for a degree-seeking, undergraduate student who has completed his or her eighth semester after high school graduation, the Office of the Registrar uses one of several formulas for assessing surcharge eligibility. The first step is to determine the number of surcharge-applicable hours the student has.

Surcharge-Applicable Hours

To determine how many surcharge-applicable hours a student has, use the following formula:

Attempted hours, completed
+ Attempted hours, in-progress
- Excluded hours
= Surcharge-applicable hours
As an example, a student has 146 attempted hours displaying on his unofficial transcript in SeaNet. Of those, 140 hours are complete from past terms and 16 hours are in-progress from the current term. The student completed 36 hours that are not surcharge-applicable: 12 hours during summer semesters, 9 hours from AP exams, 3 hours through an extension campus class, and 12 hours from an early college program. When those 36 hours are excluded from the overall total of 146 attempted hours, the student is found to have 110 surcharge-applicable hours. This student will not receive a surcharge.

Tuition Surcharge Threshold

All UNCW students completing a single major and single or first undergraduate degree have a surcharge threshold of 140 attempted, surcharge-applicable hours.

Special Surcharge Hours Calculations

Students completing double majors or dual degrees have an adjusted surcharge threshold, calculated using one of the formulas found below.

Double Major Leading to One Degree (example: BA-Psychology & BA-Spanish)

Hours for major 1 + Hours for major 2 + 64 hours for University Studies x 110% = adjusted threshold

Students completing Basic Studies should substitute 45 hours of Basic Studies for 64 hours of University Studies

Double Major Leading to Two Degrees (example: BA-Psychology & BS-Statistics)

Hours for the larger of the majors + 124 Hours for the smaller of the majors x 110% = adjusted threshold

Additional Degree for UNCW alumni (example: earned BA-English at UNCW & in-progress BS-Biology)

124 hours from first UNCW degree + major hours for new degree x 110% = adjusted threshold

Additional Degree but not UNCW alumni (example: earned BA-English at ECU & in-progress BS-Biology at UNCW)

93 hours transferred from non-UNCW degree + major hours for UNCW degree x 110% = adjusted threshold

When computing an adjusted threshold, major hours requirements should be taken from the Undergraduate Catalogue for the student's catalogue year. See for the active catalogues.

There is no adjustment made to the surcharge threshold for minors or additional concentrations.

Students are encouraged to verify their adjusted threshold calculations by emailing the Office of the Registrar (Freeman Whitney, Associate Registrar