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Instructions for Transient Study

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Transient Study is defined as taking courses at any other institution
(i.e., a community college, university, college, or study abroad). Transient study is limited to active UNCW students.

Undergraduate (Domestic Study)

Before enrolling at the Visiting Institution

  1. The student should submit a request for Permission for Transient Study. Per the catalog, requests must be made prior to registering for the course at the other institution. The request form is available in mySeaport. The link for the Transient Study request is on the Student Services tab.
  2. The Office of the Registrar will determine the UNCW course equivalencies.
  3. The department will then determine if the course is appropriate for the student's degree program and either approve or deny the request.
    *** Note: If an exception to the Residency Requirement is being requested, the department chair will forward the form to the appropriate dean with a memo explaining the request. Upon review, the Dean will forward the original form to the Office of the Registrar.
  4. The department's approval (or denial) will be sent to the Office of the Registrar, with a copy to the student.

Undergraduate (International Study Abroad)

All UNCW study abroad (SA) and exchange (EX) students must complete the Education Abroad Advising Agreement & Permit for Transient Study prior to departure, unless otherwise advised by the Office of International Programs (OIP). Please allow a minimum of three (3) weeks for this form to be processed.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and program choices. Then, visit your selected host institution's web site or review its course catalog to select your desired courses while abroad. With your selections, complete the left hand side of the Course Selection Table (located on the opposite side of the form).
  2. In the Course Selection Table, list the courses you prefer to take at your host school, as well as several alternates. For each course selected, retain a copy of the course description from the host institution's course catalog or web site. (This information will be essential to your academic advisor/department chair to determine the UNCW course equivalent).
    • In the Credit Units column, make sure to note the credit value (e.g., 15 points, 7.5 ECTS) that has been assigned to the course by your host school.
  3. Once the left hand side of the Course Selection Table is complete, you must visit the corresponding academic departments at UNCW to obtain the course equivalencies with departmental approval.
    (For example: Students selecting history courses at the host institution will need those courses approved by the History Department Chair.)
    For courses fulfilling general elective credits, obtain the approval of the department chair within your major.
    • With the assistance of your department chair, refer to the International - UNCW Credit Conversion Guide to determine the UNCW credit value of each foreign course.
  4. Once the Course Selection Table is complete and the form has been signed by your academic advisor and the department chair of your major (if applicable), return the form to OIP. Please make sure at least 12+ credits have been selected per semester program.
  5. Upon review and approval of this form, OIP will forward the form to the UNCW Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will then sign the form and forward a copy to the Office of Financial Aid. A copy of this form will be kept on file in your academic folder, in the Office of the Registrar, and OIP.
  6. For students requesting an exception to the Residency Requirement: The department chair for your major will need to complete the Residency Requirement portion of this form and then forward the form to the appropriate Dean, with a letter of explanation.

In preparation of returning to UNCW

Once you have completed your SA/EX program, your host institution must mail an official transcript to UNCW OIP in order for you to receive course credit. If SA/EX course work is completed without prior UNCW approval, you must submit a supplemental Transient Study Form, listing those additional courses. No credit will be guaranteed for course work done without prior written approval. No transfer credits will be awarded for courses in which the student earned a grade of C- or below. Please note: It is your responsibility to assure you do not take any classes for which you have already received academic credit.


  • The student should submit a request for Graduate Transient Study Request.
  • Return the completed form to the Graduate School (James Hall, 2nd Floor)
  • Consult with the Graduate School for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have credit from a 2-year institution. Can I earn additional credit?
You may only earn a total of 64 semester hours from a 2-year institution. UNCW will accept up to 90 semester hours of credit from all institutions attended, but only 64 hours can be transferred from a 2-year institution. No transfer work will be awarded for a course in which a grade below a C (2.000) was earned. Only earned credits can be applied to Financial Aid eligibility.Remember, transfer credit earned without prior approval may not be awarded.

Can I use transfer credit to improve my GPA, replace a grade, or to remove an academic deficiency at UNCW?
You may NOT use transfer credit to remove an academic deficiency or to replace a grade. Transfer credit will not be awarded for repeating a course, in which a grade of D- or higher was earned at UNCW. Transfer credit received for a UNCW course in which a grade of F was earned, prevents the student from repeating this course at UNCW to improve the UNCW GPA.

When will my transfer credit be posted to my UNCW record?

You must request that a final transcript from the visiting institution be mailed to the Office of the Registrar. Upon receipt of the final transcript, transfer credit will be awarded for any approved course.

How will I know when the transfer credit will be posted to my

Transfer credit information is available on SeaNet.
Please see Transfer Credit Evaluation Access for details.