Office of the Registrar

NC Community College Common Course Equivalency

The North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a statewide agreement governing the transfer of credits between the North Carolina Community Colleges (NCCCS) and public universities in North Carolina.

This agreement establishes college transfer courses that are accepted by University of North Carolina Wilmington from all 58 NC community colleges. Students who complete degree requirements will have certain guarantees that credits earned will transfer to UNC institutions. However, the Office of the Registrar will ultimately determine, on an individual basis, the amount of transfer credit for students with a combination of college and/or other types of credit. The list of UNC Wilmington equivalents of all transferable courses within the agreement is available from the Transfer Course Equivalents page. (Choose "North Carolina" then select the appropriate college.)

North Carolina Community College transfer students, who have earned an AA or AS degree meeting the requirements of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) will receive a waiver of Foundations and Approaches & Perspectives requirements with the exception of PE; foreign language; and 3 credits from Living in Our Diverse Nation or Living in a Global Society. They will also receive a waiver of 3 credits each of Writing Intensive, Information Literacy and Critical Reasoning competency requirements. AS and AA degree-holding transfer students will be held to all other University Studies requirements. All other transfer students will be held to University Studies in its entirety, with the exception of First Year Seminar.

University Studies includes both lower division general education components and graduation requirements related to the major. For those articulation agreements specifying transfer of lower division general education requirements, lower division general education components of University Studies include: Foundations, Approaches & Perspectives (only 3 credits of Living in Our Global Society or Living in Our Diverse Nation may apply as lower division credit), 3 credits of Critical Reasoning, 3 credits of Writing Intensive Competency, and 3 credits of Information Literacy Competency. Note that other credit meeting University Studies requirements may transfer on a course-by-course basis and some courses may be exempted by specific agreements (e.g. lifetime wellness and foreign language requirements by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement).