Office of the Registrar

Seanet Overrides

Types of Overrides:

  • Closed Class = No more seats, ignores maximum capacity
  • Override All Except Time Conf = Most overrides included
  • Instructor Approval = If your course requires instructor approval
  • Prerequisite Override = Prerequisite/Concurrent prerequisite override
  • Maj/Class Restriction Override
  • Level Override
  • Corequisite Override = Corequisite override
  • Cohort and Attribute Override = Courses constrained by cohort, or student attribute
  • Override All Exc Time & Closed = Override all except time conflict and closed class

Registrar only overrides:

  • Duplicate course override
  • Time conflict override

Posting override permissions does not register students for the course. It only gives them the ability to register. Once the override is granted, the student will receive an email notification outlining the steps to register for the course via SEANET. On the last day of drop/add, student registration activity is not permitted after 9pm. Thus, it is important to issue overrides in a timely manner, to allow the student adequate time to receive the override email notification and register by 9pm.

After being given a closed class override, the student will not be able to select add course from the drop down menu associated with the course. The student will need to enter the CRN in one of the boxes the bottom of the add classes worksheet

Course overrides are section specific. If the student can't still can't register after having been issued an override, check to make sure you have given the proper sort of override, and that the student is trying to register for the same section of the course for which they were given an override.

Please don't issue closed class overrides for courses with waitlists, it disrupts the waitlist. Waitlists, and closed class overrides are mutually exclusive.

Questions or concerns? Contact Assistant Registrar Shane Baptista or ext 22001