Office of the Registrar


Registration for students currently enrolled for academic credit is held each semester for the following semester. Prior to registration, all students visit academic advisors and receive special instructions and registration information. Students submit a course program at an appointed time through the self-service registration system in SeaNet. Students who complete registration and pay fees by the designated date are registered, except in the event that they are declared academically ineligible, at the end of the preceding semester.

Classes may not be added after the last day of registration and add/drop. Undergraduates may take up to 18 hours and graduate students may take up to 15 credits without special permission. Students who have a high cumulative grade point average may be allowed, with special permission of the appropriate dean, to carry an overload of semester hours.

Class Attendance (First Day)

An instructor of any course may cancel a student’s registration in his/her course if the registered student fails to attend the first class meeting of the term and fails to notify the instructor of his/her desire to remain enrolled within 24 hours of the class meeting time. Student appeals resulting from emergencies or other extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis in the appropriate dean’s office. Students who wish to drop or withdraw from a class should not assume they have done so by not attending the first class or subsequent classes.  If an instructor takes cancellation action, the registration openings resulting from this action will be offered to students seeking enrollment in the courses during the official drop/add period.

If you are planning to register for a course, participating from a location outside of the state of North Carolina, please contact Distance and Online Education (910.962.2953). This will often apply to fully-online courses, internships, etc. For more information regarding state authorizations, please visit the State Authorizations page here.

Note: For Distance Education/Extension courses that require proctored exams, there may be additional fees for the verification of student identity. Students may also be required to find an independent testing facility for these exams. Contact the course instructor for more information.