Office of the Registrar


Online Accelerated Program Students

Registration for online accelerated program students, currently enrolled for academic credit, is held every 7 weeks for the following part-of-term. Prior to initial pre-registration, all students must participate in an online orientation. Upon successful completion, you will connect with an academic advisor/program director in your respective program. You will receive special instructions and registration information. Students who complete registration and pay fees by the designated date are registered, except in the event that they are declared academically ineligible, at the end of the preceding semester.

Classes may not be added after the last day of registration (otherwise known as the add/drop deadline). Undergraduates may take up to 9 hours and graduate students may take up to 6 credits without special permission. Students who have a high cumulative grade point average may be allowed, with special permission of the appropriate dean, to carry an overload of part-of-term hours.

Undergraduates who intend to withdraw from an individual class or from all classes for a part-of-term must email

The online accelerated program calendar can be found at

Graduate students who intend to withdraw from all classes for a term must process an official withdrawal form through the Graduate School, by the deadline indicated in the university calendar.

Some concepts to become familiar with:

Online Accelerated Program, sometimes abbreviated OAP

Part-of-Term = 7 week session. There are 6 parts-of-term each year.

A semester contains two parts-of-term. Academic standing is assessed at the end of the semester, not part-of-term.