Office of the Registrar

Audit/Graded Audit Course Registration

Auditing allows a student to enroll and attend a class without receiving academic credit. The graded audit option is for students who do not seek academic credit, but need to repeat a course beyond what the repeat rules allow and still have a letter grade appear on their transcript. This option may also be used by students who seek a graded audit for a course for which credit has already been granted through transfer work or special exam. In both cases, the course does count in attempted hours, but does not count in earned hours, GPA hours, quality points, or the GPA calculation. As a result, it is not counted toward full-time status, loan deferment, or financial aid eligibility. Each faculty member must approve the applicant for class participation by assessing the participant's ability to perform in their class. Auditors must pay regular tuition and fees for audited classes.

Audit-only students (not currently enrolled) must use the Audit Application / Registration (for Audit-Only Students) form available on our Online Forms page.

Current Faculty & Staff

Active faculty and staff may be eligible for an application fee waiver, orientation fee waiver, and/or a tuition waiver. To determine what benefits for which you may qualify, please contact human resources at 2-3160 or visit

Requesting an Audit/Graded Audit on SeaNet

  1. Once logged into SeaNet, click on "Student Services & Financial Aid".
    Student Services
  2. Click the link for "Registration".
  3. Click the link for "Application for Audit/Graded Audit Course".
  4. Select the term in which you would like to register for the course and click Submit.
    Term Select
  5. The Select Form page describes the differences between the audit and graded audit options. Select your choice and click Submit.
    Select Form
  6. Over the next three pages, select a subject, course, and section number.
    Select Subject
    Select Course
    Select Section
  7. Review your course selection and click the Submit for Approval button.
    Submit Request
  8. You will receive an email confirmation of your audit/graded audit request submission in your UNCW email account. The instructor of the section will receive an email requesting that they approve or deny your request. For graded audits, if the instructor approves, the academic dean of the course will also receive a request for approval.
  9. You can view the status of your request at any time by going to the Registration menu and clicking the "Check Status of Audit/Graded Audit form" link. You will be prompted for the term and then it will display any request(s) you have made for that semester.
    Request Status
  10. Once a decision has been made, you will receive an email confirmation of the approval or denial in your UNCW email account. If all required approvals have been given, the Office of the Registrar will be notified to attempt to register you for the class as an audit/graded audit. Please note that there may still be conditions that prevent you from being registered for the class, such as a time conflict with another section. In this case, the Office of the Registrar will contact the appropriate approvers to attempt to resolve the issue.

Instructors - Approving an Audit/Graded Audit Request

Please note, if you need to enter an override, make sure you enter it before approving the request. If a necessary override is not present, it could delay the processing of the request.

  1. When you receive a request to approve or deny an audit/graded audit request, login to SeaNet.
  2. Click on the Faculty Services tab at the top of the page.
    Faculty Services
  3. Go to the "Audit/Graded Audit Approvals" link.
  4. The list that appears shows all pending approvals. Click on the ID number for the request you would like to approve or deny.
    Approvals list
  5. Choose to approve or deny the request. You may also enter any comments if desired. Please note that the comments will be visible to the student. Click Send Decision.
    Course Decision

Main Campus vs. Extension Tuition and Fees

A full-time regular-term student is an undergraduate student that is enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of on-campus courses or a graduate student enrolled in 9 or more credit hours of on-campus courses. These students will be billed according to the Campus Rates for tuition and fees for all courses (including extension courses) and not billed at the Extension/Distance Education Rates.

Students enrolled in a combination of campus and extension courses (not meeting the definition of full-time regular-term student) will be billed at campus rates for main campus courses and billed at the extension rates for distance education courses (section 800).

Note: Full-time enrollment status may be determined differently for purposes other than tuition billing; i.e. financial aid.