Office of the Registrar

Campus Safety: UNCW Updates Emergency Phone Notification Service for Students

This message was sent by the Office of University Relations on behalf of the Office of the Registrar and Environmental Health & Safety.

UNCW recently converted its UNCW Alert emergency text and voice notification service for students from an “opt in” to an “opt out” system. This means your emergency contact number is automatically registered with the service when you register for classes.

In the past, at orientation and at various other times, you were encouraged to submit your emergency contact number by opting in to the online database. If you submitted information in the past, then you are included in the notification system and no change has been made to the emergency contact number you provided.
If you did not previously submit information, then your emergency contact number has been added to the service and will remain in use unless you choose to opt out of the notification system. Many of you had multiple numbers on file, and the system selected one of them for you. Instructions about how to confirm your number, update your number or opt out are available here.


Note: UNCW email addresses have always been automatically enrolled in the service and will continue to be included.

This updated approach will enable UNCW to maintain this important safety database even more efficiently and effectively. Thank you for your attention, and please contact UNCW Emergency Management at 910.962.7874 with any questions, after consulting the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my number be used?
Your emergency contact number is included in a confidential database that will be used only for emergency notifications and periodic emergency system testing.

Is there a charge for receiving emergency text and voice messages?
Standard text messaging fees may apply, but there are no charges from the university.

How do I confirm or update my emergency phone notification number?
You may confirm or update your number at any time by following these instructions. Going forward, the university will automatically add new students’ emergency contact information to the system when they register for classes, but will not change the information included for current students.

How do I opt out of the emergency notification service?
UNCW strongly encourages you to remain in the service to ensure you are always automatically contacted in the event of an emergency, but if you wish to opt out, please follow these instructions.

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