Office of the Registrar

Online Assignment of Incompletes

Faculty are now able to assign incomplete grades through Seanet.

Assigning an Incomplete on Seanet

  1. Once logged into SeaNet, click on "Faculty Services".
    Faculty Services
  2. Click the link for "Assign Incomplete Grade".
  3. You will be prompted to select a term, part of term, and CRN of the section.
    Select Term
    Select Part of Term
    Select CRN
  4. A message will pop up regarding the conditions under which an incomplete grade may be assigned. Click OK to continue.
  5. You will be presented with a list of students in the section. Click on the ID of the student to whom you would like to assign an incomplete.
    Select Student
  6. Enter the reasons for the incomplete and the specific work not completed. You may also specify an earlier due date, but that must be no later than the latest allowable due date shown. If no date is entered, the latest allowable date will be used. For undergraduate courses, the deadline to convert the grade is the end of the next regular term (excluding summer terms); for graduate courses, it is one academic year. When satisfied, click Submit.
    Assign I Form
  7. The request will be forwarded to your department chair for approval. If the course already had another final grade assigned, it will also be forwarded to the academic dean for approval. If approved, the grade will automatically be updated as an 'I'.

The student must complete the remaining coursework and the incomplete converted to the final grade by the deadline, or it will automatically lapse to an 'I/F' grade. 'I/F' counts the same as a regular 'F' grade.

When the coursework is completed, you can convert the incomplete to the final grade in SeaNet.

Dept Chairs - Approving an Incomplete Assignment

  1. When you receive a request to approve or deny an incomplete assignment, login to SeaNet.
  2. Click on the Faculty Services tab at the top of the page.
    Faculty Services
  3. Go to the "Approve Grading Activity" link.
  4. Click on the ID of the student you would like to approve or deny.
    Pending I Assignments
  5. Select either "Approve" or "Deny" from the drop-down box. You may also enter additional comments. Please note that these comments remain a part of the student's academic record. Click Submit when finished.