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Also, you can see our What does that code mean? page for descriptions of various codes used in Banner Student.


Please review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information. FERPA governs the privacy of a student's educational records, the rights of a student to access and review their educational records, and the process by which a student may submit a complaint regarding the handling of their records.

There is also a FERPA Awareness video tutorial and quiz available for Faculty and Staff via Skillport. To access the course, please login to Skillport and search for the following course: REG100 FERPA Awareness for Student Workers.


Schedule Builder

01 - Adding a Course Section
02 - Section Enrollment with Waitlist
02a - Section Enrollment with Reserved Seats
03 - Setting the Meeting Time and Dates
04 - Setting the Meeting Location - Known Room
04a - Setting the Meeting Location - Unknown Room
05 - Assigning an Instructor
06 - Setting Schedule Restrictions
07 - Linking Lecture to Lab
08 - Linking Lab to Lecture
09 Adding Text to a Section
10 Adding Email Tags to a Section
10a Adding Links to a Section