Office of the Registrar

Course and Program Exemptions from COVID-19 Emergency Pass/Fail Policy


Except for those students in the listed courses, students who select a grade of “Pass” in any UNCW spring 2020 course will continue to meet all prerequisite, major, or program admission requirements associated with letter grades in the catalog. Questions about particular courses, requirements, or exempted courses should be directed to academic advisors.  Remember, all courses will be graded as usual but students will be given the option to replace an assigned grade with a “Pass,” where the student has achieved at least a D- in an unexempted undergraduate course and at least a C in an exempted graduate course.

UNCW Students: Students considering selecting the Pass/Fail option for any eligible courses completed in the Spring 2020 semester should consult with their advisors as they make their decisions.

  1. Log in to SeaNet.
  2. Select “Student Services & Financial Aid”.
  3. Select “Student Records”.
  4. Select “Pass/Fail Option”.
  5. Carefully READ each checklist item.  Check each box to confirm your acknowledgement of the parameters.  Select “Continue”.
  6. All eligible courses will be listed in the first section that also displays the grade assigned by the faculty member.  Use the drop down menu for each course to identify the courses for which you wish to elect the Pass/Fail option.  Leaving the drop down menu as “Select” or choosing “Grade” will result in the original grade assigned remaining on the record.  If you are enrolled in any courses that are exempt from the Pass/Fail option, those courses are listed separately without the drop down menu available.  Once all selections are made, select “Submit”.  *Please note that all Pass/Fail selections requested are FINAL and may not be reversed.
  7. A confirmation page will be displayed to show any/all courses you elected into the Pass/Fail option.  Select “Return to Menu”.

Requests will be processed within 1-2 business days of the request and records will be updated accordingly.

Cameron School of Business


No exemptions


College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • CHM102
  • CHM211

Department of Communication Studies

  • COM 105
  • COM200

Department of Public and International Affairs

  • PLS 201


College of Health and Human Services 


School of Nursing Pre-Liscensure

  • Entire Program Exempted
Note: RN-BSN NSG courses WILL accept the Pass option as fulfilling program requirements.
Note: Pre-Nursing students can take any of the catalog-listed requirements for the nursing program pass/fail, but are advised by the School of Nursing that graded outcomes for these courses are preferred.


Watson College of Education


No exemptions