Office of the Registrar

Directions for Entering Pedagogical Needs

This step is designed to identify equipment, software, and other pedagogical needs for instruction.  Selection should be limited to specific course instruction needs.  Many of the room attributes are categorical and not related to pedagogy. 

(i.e., If you do not care whether the flooring is tile or carpet, do not select either option).

Steps for identifying your pedagogical needs:

When in SSASECT and under the Course Section Information tab, you will notice there is another for Section Preferences.  The bottom of this tab is of importance. Place the cursor in the first box on the left, under Room Attribute Preferences. Then, under the word Code, click the arrow. A new window opens and you can select your instructional needs.  Select all that apply, but limit to your actual course instructional needs.

There is a list of definitions for each item on our webpage at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Duffield at 2-3126 or via e-mail.