Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Research & Service Awards Competition

Each year the Department of Psychology honors UNCW undergraduate students for their exceptional work in psychological research & service. Five awards are available, three for research and two for service. Recipients of the awards will be recognized at the departmental graduation ceremony and on the departmental website (see link below). Recipients will also have their names placed on an award plaque in the department's main office.

Award Descriptions
I. Research Awards

The Williams-Kowal Award is awarded to a student interested in basic science research. It is named for Professor Emeritus John Williams, who served as the first chair of the Department of Psychology, and Professor Emeritus Kathleen Kowal, a Cognitive Psychologist.

The Michael Bradley Award is awarded to a student interested in applied research and is named for Professor Emeritus Michael Bradley, a Developmental Psychologist.

The Cape Fear Area Psychological Association Award is for basic science or applied research by a student interested in graduate work in applied areas such as one of the mental health professions.

II. Service Awards

The Joseph Awkard Service Award is for a member of Psi Chi who has provided a significant contribution to service. It is named for the late Professor Emeritus Joe Awkard who was the first advisor for UNCW's Psi Chi Chapter.

The Martha Jo Clemmons Award is given to a student who works in the main office, or who has provided special service to the day-to-day operations of the department. It is named for Martha Jo Clemmons, a longtime administrative assistant who died in 2001 from cancer at the age of 56.


Applicants must be seniors who are graduating in December or May of the current academic year.

Applications for Research Awards
I. Deadline

Application receipt deadline for the 2017-2018 research awards is November 16, 2018. Application materials should be submitted electronically to Dr. Donlin-Washington. Note that the November deadline allows awardees to be recognized before applying for graduate programs and jobs. Presentations will be made at whichever graduation ceremony the awardees attend (December or May).

II. Materials

Applications must be typed. Materials are to be completed by the applicant. Materials for the research awards include the following:

  • PDF Application
  • Current copy of degree audit
  • A recommendation letter from UNCW psychology faculty sponsor/research mentor
  • Curriculum Vitae (academic resume)
III. Selection of Recipients

Awardees will be chosen by the Psychology Undergraduate Steering Committee. Although students may apply to more than one research award, students can receive only one award. If there is not a qualified student, the award will not be given that year.

Nominations for Service Awards

Nominations for the Joseph Awkard Service Award will be made by the UNCW's Psi Chi Chapter advisor. Nominations for the Martha Jo Clemmons Award will be made by the Department of Psychology office staff. These nominations are typically made at the end of the fall or spring semester. The awards will be presented at whichever graduation ceremony the awardee will be attending: December or May.