Department of Psychology

Research Participation for Non-Students

Faculty in UNCW's Department of Psychology conduct research with a wide variety of non-student populations including healthy children, middle-aged, and older adults, and individuals with ADHD, PTSD, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological or psychological disorders. If you are interested in being part of UNCW's Psychology Volunteer Research Pool, please contact the appropriate research lab below. If your call is directed to an answering service, please leave your Name, Age, Phone Number, Email Address, and a brief message about the type of research in which you would like to participate.

  • The Aging and Cognitive Training (ACT) Lab (Drs. Daniels & Toth): 910-962-7875. Research in the ACT lab focuses on memory, attention, cognitive aging, frontal lobe function, and methods for enhancing cognition.

  • The Resilience, Intentions, and Self-Efficacy (RISE) Lab (Dr. Dark-Freudeman): 910-962-3788. Research in the RISE lab focuses on self-regulation, goals, and resilience in adults of all ages.

  • The Trauma & Resilience (TR) Lab (Dr. Nooner): 910-962-3093. Research in the TR Lab conducts research at the intersection of adverse/traumatic life events, brain function, and alcohol use with a focus on prevention in adolescents and young adults.

Being a part of the UNCW's Psychology Volunteer Research Pool means that we can call you about participating in current and future research projects. It does not mean that you must participate in any project. And you are free to have your name removed from our list at any time. To do so, simply contact the appropriate research lab above. Thanks!