Department of Psychology

Description of Practicum Experiences


Timeline: Beginning in the second year of the program and extending through a minimum of six semesters, students integrate their academic and scientific knowledge with practical experiences through a series of practicum training courses. Practicum training is sequential, cumulative and graded in complexity, provides opportunities for students to achieve and demonstrate profession-wide competencies, as well as program-specific competencies in applied behavior analysis or the diagnosis and treatment of people with mental health and substance use concerns.

Opportunities: Practica involve opportunities to work with diverse and underserved populations through didactic and practical experiences that promote cultural competency. Students will progress from gaining competency in assessment and evidence-based practices, to preparing for more advanced supervisory, consultation, and organizational leadership roles in health-care delivery systems.

Practicum Sites and Supervision: Placements are available in on and off campus practice settings, including private and not-for-profit clinics and public agencies that serve children and adults with a variety of clinical needs.  Courses in psychopathology, ethics, assessment and evidence based treatments are integrated into each practicum experience.  In addition to on-site supervision, students also participate in supervision groups and are assigned individual faculty supervisors who hold a psychology license.

Placement: Practicum placements are made by the Clinical Faculty. Student trainees receive individual practicum evaluations by clinical supervisors based on a specific competencies evaluation instrument. Practicum grades are assigned by program supervising faculty in consultation with external community supervisors where applicable.

Background Check: Some practicum sites require that trainees submit a criminal background check and drug screen before starting. Students should check with the DCT to determine what preparation is required for each practicum.

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