Department of Psychology

PhD Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific discipline that involves the use of the principles of learning to design, implement, and evaluate strategies that promote socially significant improvements in behavior. The scope of behavior analysis is wide-ranging, including work in populations with developmental disabilities, in behavioral medicine, educational settings, non-profit organizations, and many others with emphasis placed on providing evidence-based intervention services. Students will the opportunity to work with faculty with expertise in experimental, conceptual, and applied behavior analysis.

In their first two years, students in the ABA concentration complete a ABAI Verified Course Sequence which meets the coursework requirement for eligibility to the Board Certified Behavior Analyst examination. Students complete a master’s research thesis, mentored by a Behavior Analysis Faculty member, and gain experience in practicum.

Post Masters, students gain additional experience in applied practicum and research, complete advance coursework, and design, implement, and defend their dissertation.

For more information, including Admission, Degree, & Course Requirements for a Ph.D. in Psychology, please see the current UNCW Graduate Catalogue.