Department of Psychology

Behavior Analysis Faculty

  • Melanie H. Bachmeyer, Associate Professor. Research Interests: Applied Behavior Analysis. Special Interests: Developmental and intellectual disabilities, treatment of pediatric feeding disorders.
  • Tom Cariveau, Assistant Professor. Research interest: Applied Behavior Analysis. Special interest: Refining interventions for children with developmental disabilities; verbal behavior.
  • Mark Galizio, Professor. Research interests: Behavioral pharmacology; Stimulus relations.
  • Christine Hughes, Professor. Research interests: Punishment (timeout, response cost); Behavior pharmacology; Drug effects on choice and impulsive behavior.
  • Carol A. Pilgrim, Professor. Research interests: Stimulus equivalence; Relational stimulus control.
  • Raymond C. Pitts, Jr., Professor. Research interests: Behavioral pharmacology; Choice and decision making.
  • Carole M. Van Camp, Associate Professor. Research interests: Physical activity and health in children; Preference and reinforcer assessments; Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Wendy Donlin Washington, Associate Professor. Research interests: Applied Behavior Analysis; Substance abuse.