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Erica C. Noles

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Dr. Erica C. Noles, Senior Lecturer

Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2014.

M.A. University of North Carolina Wilmington 2007.

B.A. University of North Carolina Wilmington 2004

Teaching Laboratory Building, room 2016
Dept. of Psychology, UNCW, 601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403
910-962-7130 |

My current focus is on teaching and using my research experiences working with children and adults to help students see the application and importance of the empirical process in their own lives. Working with both Psi Chi as the Faculty Advisor and community partnerships, I hope to continue getting students involved in their local community as a way to enrich their connection to the field of psychology. My research interests involve exploring implicit measures of racial bias to clarify when positive and negative feelings are elicited based on race. I am also fascinated by humans' understanding of their own death and the many ways this awareness impacts social decision making.

Courses Taught

  • PSY 105: General Psychology
  • PSY 223: Life Span Human Development
  • PSY 355: Introduction to Experimental Psychology
  • PSY 464: Senior Capstone in Social and Personality 


Noles, E., & Rennels, J. L. (in prep). What's age got to do with it: Examining how the age of stimulus faces affects implicit bias in children and adults.

Rennels, J. R., Noles, E., & Kayl, A. J. (in prep). The influence of dynamic cues and sex-stereotypicality on infants' intermodal knowledge of females and males.

Ferguson, T., Berlin, J., Noles, E., Johnson, J., Reed, W., & Spicer, C. (2005). Variation in the application of the 'Promiscuous Female' stereotype and the nature of the application domain: Influences on sexual harassment judgments after exposure to the Jerry Springer Show. Sex Roles, 52, 477-487.