Public and International Affairs

Undergraduate Major in Political Science

Oral Communication Requirement:

To satisfy the oral communication requirement for the B.A. degree in Political Science a student must successfully complete PLS 401.

Applied Learning Requirement:

To satisfy the applied learning requirement for the B.A. degree in Political Science a student must successfully complete one of the following courses: PLS 221 PLS 294 PLS 401, PLS 491, PLS 494 PLS 498 or PLS 499.

Requirements for a Major in Political Science for the B.A. Degree:

39 hours of political science - this must include:

Political Theory

Students must also complete at least one course in Political Theory. Choose one of the following:

Directed Upper Level Electives:

In addition to PLS 401, students must complete 15 hours of course work at the 300-400 level. In doing so, students must complete one course from each of the following three subfields: American Political Behavior & Institutions, International Relations, and Comparative Politics. If a course appears in more than one category (e.g., PLS 421), students can only use the course to fulfill one category of the directed upper level electives.

Select one of the following courses from American Political Behavior & Institutions:

One of the following courses in International Relations:

And one of the following courses in Comparative Politics: 


A total of 18 hours must be at the 300-400 level. (PLS 401, which is required, contributes toward this sum).

Additional Information:

A minimum GPA of “C” (2.00) is required among all elective political science courses, and a grade of “C-” or above is required for the core courses (PLS 101, PLS 201, PLS 220, PLS 230, and PLS 401).

Students planning to do graduate work are encouraged to study a modern foreign language and to acquire a basic knowledge of computer science, statistics, calculus, and macroeconomics.

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue for additional information.