Public and International Affairs

Fall 2018 Featured Courses

The American Legislature


  • This class is offered in the Fall 2018 semester.  Visit Seanet to Check out the dates and times.

  • While Congress always plays a pivotal role in American Politics, it is particularly relevant with the midterm elections in November quickly approaching. Despite having unified control of government, the Republicans have struggled to remain cohesive. For better or worse, President Trump has played a role in polarization between the Republicans and Democrats but also within each party. In this class, we pay specific attention to the multiple roles members of Congress face as local representatives and legislatures working on behalf of the entire nation in addition to the underappreciated challenges of collective action. While the midterm elections will be a significant focus of the class, PLS 307 also includes a popular legislative simulation where students take on the personalities of sitting members of the US House of Representatives and work strategically to craft legislation and navigate the complicated legislative process in an effort to please their colleagues, their leadership, and their constituents.  

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Campaign Management and Strategies

Vote USA

  • This class is offered in the Fall 2018 semester.  Visit Seanet to Check out the dates and times.

Open to undergraduate students, Campaign Management and Strategies (PLS 404) 

Participation may dip compared to a presidential year, but midterm elections and the campaigns around them are no consolation prize for excited elections-watchers nor the voters making the collective decisions concerning those who will represent us in Washington or closer to home in Raleigh. But there are good campaigns and bad campaigns in any election. PLS 404 will explore what separates the wheat from the chaff, comparing and contrasting the campaigns at the presidential, congressional, state, and local levels. Additionally, the course will give students the opportunity to work on a campaign and to gain further insight on the ins and outs of a campaign operation with the midterms as a backdrop.

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